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Think I'm going to do no spend 2017 - anyone care to join me?

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Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 16:09:56

I did no spend 2014 (ended up buying a couple of bits, mainly stuff I really needed for work as I have to dress smartly but generally stuck to it).

Anyway since then I've been a bit better with clothes shopping, thought more about what I actually need and what I'll actually wear eg I've stopped buying pretty dresses and high heels that I'll never wear as I'm mid-30s and no longer go out on the town.

I've also been keeping track of my spending as this year I've spent £100 per month on clothes and beauty. I've filled some gaps in my wardrobe and bought a few investment pieces (leather jacket, new winter boots) so I'm thinking I have what I need now and could probably do another no spend (or at least low spend) in 2017. Anyone else?

BusterGonad Sat 12-Nov-16 16:14:41

I'll certainly try but if I'm being honest with myself I'll probably fail, No, I'll be strong. I'm doing it! Starts January 1st though! So I've a few months to stock up! grin

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 16:16:08

Yes starts 1 Jan so time to identify any gaps in your wardrobe before and buy what you need

playmobilpeacock Sat 12-Nov-16 16:16:13

I'll join you.

I have enough clothes and shoes to last a lifetime and several different sizes too and I want to massively cut my consumption in general.

NoraCharlesMartiniGlass Sat 12-Nov-16 16:19:07

Yes, I'm in.

I did no spend 2016 and got through to late June, but then was brought down by the sales. Also, to be fair to myself, the fact that I didn't have much of a summer wardrobe.

I'd be starting 2017 with a good wardrobe (for all seasons) so wouldn't be able to convince myself that I "needed" something.

I'd also begin it with a much better understanding of the psychological reasons behind my spending - I learnt so much about myself from participating in the no-send 2016 thread (under a different name).

So yes. I'm in!

TheMagicFarawaySleep Sat 12-Nov-16 16:19:39

I'll join you. Spent a fortune on clothes this year, so definitely don't need more except for socks and pants. Then I'm done! Will we stick to it though?

Nanasueathome Sat 12-Nov-16 16:21:19

There is absolutely nothing that I need
I sometimes (i.e. Usually) buy things because I like them rather than buy things when I actually do need them
Count me in......

ememem84 Sat 12-Nov-16 16:33:51

I'm in. Will definetly try. I've spent less this year on clothes than last year so feel next year can definetly be less again.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 16:50:08

Great welcome everyone. My main problem is that I pass a TK Maxx most days - need to stop myself going in!

Also need to stop buying things recommended on Mumsnet - I'm a sucker and bought the Boden ruched skirt, the Valverde Botas boots, the Babyliss Big Hair, M&S jeggings etc

Florathefern Sat 12-Nov-16 17:12:50

I will join too. I tried last year but I wasn't determined. I ended up spending way more than I would and should have. I don't have gaps in my wardrobe as far as I can tell so there are no excuses this time.

Laska5772 Sat 12-Nov-16 17:33:44

I am up for it . I really should do this , I have so many clothes ( and also all sizes!) Firstly I need to lose the stone i've put on and then try and stay one size ,which will helpas then everything will fit. Also I am planning on retiring next year if I can.. so I really dont need or any more work clothes .

I also pass a TKmaxx everyday..i love a good rootle so its a bit of a magnet quite frankly..
( I have a Hush habit and a Boden Habit.. as well..) blush..

FrustratedFrugal Sat 12-Nov-16 17:42:09

A no-spend is really hardcore! I admire anyone who is committed to a no-spend!

My personal goal is to spend less money and time shopping for clothes and beauty items in 2017 than I did this year. I will try to enjoy what I already have and am committed to a low-spend. I've tracked what I bought in 2016. I will do the same next year (and also track money spent in excruciating detail).

I've been pretty good on the beauty front for more than a year, spending little and using up a lot. Starting now, I want to do the same with clothes. I would like to do adopt a #30wears rule: I will only buy things that I will wear at least 30 times. I wiill also try to get at least 30 wears out of items that I already own. I have a a lot of clothes so I hope that I will be compelled to buy less!

I will track what I am wearing until the end of the month so that I will get a good idea what really gets worn and what does not. Starting today wink

Goddessoftheduvet Sat 12-Nov-16 17:46:33

I'm really impressed by a no-spend resolution, that's a bit hardcore for me. But I can commit to low spend. I might need new jeans or so on as I'm losing weight steadily (but slowly).

My main motivation is that I've come to the conclusion I buy my daughter too much stuff. If I'm going to start saying no to her more often, and get her to keep to a budget, then I can do the same, and lead by example.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 17:50:52

It can be either no spend or low spend. You can set your own rules.

So for me, I'll need to replace things like foundation, toiletries as and when they run out. But I'm not going to buy anymore lipsticks just because I fancy a new colour. Again I'll dye my hair at home a few times during the year and will probably pay for a haircut or two. So it won't be no spend but I'll just buy what I need,rather than what I want.

With clothes I should have more or less what I need. Only thing I can think of is that I'll need to stock up on tights and replace some underwear.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 12-Nov-16 17:52:45

TKMaxx is lethal! I spent far more this year than I wanted to BUT I no longer shopped at outlets. They used to be my black hole of shopping. I also used to be a big sales shopper, trying to rein that in as well.

The most effective anti shopping strategy I have is stopping browsing. But that is really, really hard.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 17:57:06

eBay is my other Nemisis

applesandpears33 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:03:29

I'm in again! I'll be low spend. I know I'll have to replace some underwear and work clothes during the course of the year. Also jeans. Apart from that I don't think I should need much. My wardrobes are bulging and it would nice to thin them out a bit.

AmethystMoon Sat 12-Nov-16 18:04:48

In in! I reduced my spend this year and tracked clothing and H&B spend in detail. So my goal will be to improve on 2016.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 18:12:08

I also tracked my clothing spend this year. I wrote down exactly what I bought and I keep casting my eye back over the list to make sure I'm wearing it all / identify anything I didn't really need

doctorboo Sat 12-Nov-16 18:17:02

I'll do low spend 👍🏻
I've got 2st to lose so I'll have to replace leggings and trousers at some point and buy a couple of summery bits as I culled my wardrobe in August. I've also just spruced up my make up bag and my Birthday is coming up, (plus Christmas) so really I should be able to keep myself from spending a ridiculous amount in 2017.

doctorboo Sat 12-Nov-16 18:17:57

I should of put that I might treat myself to another tattoo next year...but that's not clothing... wink grin

mowglik Sat 12-Nov-16 18:20:26

I'll join! Was planning to do a low spend as I've looked though my shoes, clothes and toiletries and have far too many of everything

I'm planning to just replace toiletries that are part of my routine already and pare down wardrobe through wearing everything and seeing if i want to keep it. This will wait until later in the year after I have dc2 though!

Have also been tracking spending and will keep this up smile let's see how we do!

mumsnit Sat 12-Nov-16 18:30:14

Low spend for me too. I've been bitterly disappointed with most of the clothes bought this year - either they haven't worked with the rest of my wardrobe as I'd planned or things haven't worn or washed well sad

I've had far more joy out of buying make up and beauty items tbh! So I will continue to treat myself there instead grin

steamboatwilly123 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:34:12

Can I join you? I don't post much on here, but am an avid lurker reader on S&B and would love to set myself goals for the new year. My weight is currently the highest it's ever been blush and as a result I have about 4 wardrobes in variable sizes, so if I gear myself up to truly shift this weight I really don't need a lot. I've just started a new job too, with a uniform, so no spend on work clothes (though I do new some new boots....)

OurBlanche Sat 12-Nov-16 18:42:45

Go on then.

I'm self employed, so haircuts will have to stay.

I am also losing weight (ha ha) so I may not have smaller sized everything under the bed smile

Maybe a small occasional allowance for charity shop purchases... I love charity shop hunts anyway!

And I am doing a charity walk, so I will need new boots, bra, socks and leggings at some point.

But apart from that, I should be good to be almost 0 spend!

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