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what colour boots with this skirt?

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notagiraffe Sat 12-Nov-16 11:48:20

It's a black midi fit and flare work skirt. I want new boots with heels to go with it. I love the seventies look of midi skirt and long boots but don't think I want black on black.

Hellmouth Sat 12-Nov-16 11:50:47

I personally would go black, as I don't like brown with black. But grey or dark red might be ok, depending on what else you're going to wear with it.

salsamad Sat 12-Nov-16 11:56:00

I agree with Hellmouth, I really think black would look best but failing that a dark grey maybe in suede or leather.

notagiraffe Sat 12-Nov-16 13:33:05

I agree brown doesn't work with black. I was wondering about a proper colour - seen some aubergine boots out there this year... Dark red sounds lovely.

QueenMortificado Sat 12-Nov-16 13:35:43

Do you also have to do the jaunty walk that the model is doing in the pic as well?!

Fwiw - new look have a really similar skirt to this which is sort of mesh over an underskirt. Really pretty and about half price

QueenMortificado Sat 12-Nov-16 13:38:49

This one

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Sat 12-Nov-16 13:45:12

That New Look skirt is not at all similar, apart from being black of course.

QueenMortificado Sat 12-Nov-16 13:48:02

They're both midi a-line black skirts. Obviously the pattern / mesh bit is different

I quite like it if on a thread I'm asking about something specific people link to other things I might like

If it's no helpful then no harm done, I just thought it might be

notagiraffe Sat 12-Nov-16 21:54:10

No harm done at all. I like that New Look skirt, Queen. Might have to take a look at it. And LOL at the walk the model does. Makes the skirt look stupid, when really I think it's a very classic 70s look.

BusterGonad Sun 13-Nov-16 08:07:40

The aubergine boots sound idea.

Fairylea Sun 13-Nov-16 08:11:49

New look have some lovely navy crushed velvet ankle boots. Wearing block heeled ankle boots with everything and leaving a gap around the ankle seems to be the current "thing".

notagiraffe Sun 13-Nov-16 17:11:01

Ooh I love the sound of crushed velvet ankle boots. Thanks for the tip, Fairy.
Just had a quick look at them. They're brilliant but not sure I'd wear the with a black skirt. Might have to get them anyway.

Buster, I think so too. Just got to find the right ones.

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