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Naice Xmas jumper

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sohelpmegoad Fri 11-Nov-16 23:46:10

Hi I have to wear a Xmas jumper at work , but I need to go straight out after to a posh do, so I thought Id see if I could find a non naff Xmas jumper, but I seem to looking for the impossible.
Has anyone seen anything lovely?

herecomesthsun Sat 12-Nov-16 08:06:34

any here?

Marylou2 Sat 12-Nov-16 08:15:16

I've got this

burnishedsilver Sat 12-Nov-16 08:17:04

You'll probably be too warm in a jumper at the posh do. It might be better to change your top before you go.

polyhymnia Sat 12-Nov-16 08:28:12

Much easier to do a quick change of top.

VeryPunny Sat 12-Nov-16 08:29:14

I have this sparkly one as a token festive jumper. Lovely but warm it ain't.

I also like one from Land's End

BusterGonad Sat 12-Nov-16 08:40:30

I don't think Christmas jumper and posh can be used in the same sentence!!!! Ha ha

JustSpeakSense Sat 12-Nov-16 08:49:16

This one from next isn't too offensive smile

libertydoddle Sat 12-Nov-16 08:58:27

TKMaxx have loads. More in store than on the website. That said, for a posh drinks afterwards I wear a silk top underneath and take the jumper off.

BusterGonad Sat 12-Nov-16 09:01:20

What about this Warehouse one.

notagiraffe Sat 12-Nov-16 09:02:28

If you can just wear sparkles, & Other Stories have some lovely ones - smoky dark grey or deep blue with sparkles. Here but other styles on their website too.

mysteryfairy Sat 12-Nov-16 09:03:28

I've got various jumpers with stars on - two from Hush and a Zoe Karrsen one. I feel they count as Xmas if necessary

BusterGonad Sat 12-Nov-16 09:11:08

Oh...these are lovely from Oasis!

sohelpmegoad Sat 12-Nov-16 20:30:31

Thanks all so much, I had only seen naff acrylic jumpers, I think Ill head to TK maxx tomorrow to have a look

mrssmiling Sat 12-Nov-16 21:32:57

TK Maxx definitely worth a look - have a look on the website for ideas.
Tesco have a few nice ones - quite like this*sl*m*bg*px_-_campaign_not_set*&gclid=CIKny--IpNACFRG6GwodbPIE7A&source=others

Judydreamsofhorses Sat 12-Nov-16 21:51:46

I do Christmas jumper day with my class each year, and while they really go for it, I just wear a sparkly number. I have a lovely Topshop Boutique one from last year - metallic silver - so it might be worth having a look there if you can do glitzy but not necessarily an actual Christmas jumper.

JamieVardysParty Sun 13-Nov-16 13:58:50

These are fairly subtle and not so in your face - the last two especially.

fair isle

CantChoose Sun 13-Nov-16 14:01:31

Saw a really lovely antoni and Alison sparkles reindeer one in tkmaxx today that I very nearly bought. Def worth a look.

CantChoose Sun 13-Nov-16 14:02:57

Like this but navy. And looked much nicer in the flesh!

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