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Can you stretch boots?

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Lambzig Fri 11-Nov-16 13:48:12

I have been given some Frye harness boots - new. Absolutely lovely. They are pull on.

My problem is that I can get my left foot in them with a bit of wriggling and once my foot is in there is plenty of room, definitely the right size. I cannot get my right foot in the boot. It gets stuck so that my heel can't quite get down past the top of the back of the heel. I have high insteps. So nearly though. Is there any way that the boot could be stretched a little as I am sure they would be fine when on.

BusterGonad Fri 11-Nov-16 14:10:23

I had some shoes that really rubbed so I put a bag of water in each shoe and froze them. I did this twice and now they don't rub and fit like a dream BUT they were nude leather and now they look more tan. Be prepared that if you this they may well get ruined.

chemicalCat Fri 11-Nov-16 15:33:08

You can but spray to stretch leather and you can buy shoe stretchers for a few quid on eBay. They might be difficult to get into the boot, however.

I have stretched a pair of shoes with the above by leaving them on the stretcher and giving half a turn to them every day for a week.

rightknockered Fri 11-Nov-16 15:49:27

How hard did you try to push your foot in?
Only half joking!
I have a pair of Frye Harness, and at first just putting them on made me break out in a sweat. But after a couple of wears it got much easier
You could always use a spray, but the difficulty getting your foot in is quite common I think

blowmybarnacles Fri 11-Nov-16 16:55:42

A good shoe repairer may put them on a boot stretcher for you.

You can buy leather stretcher - spray on and stuff with paper

HappyHello Fri 11-Nov-16 21:53:33

I heated mine up with a hairdryer, just pointed the nozzle where you'd put your foot in. Then I wore them with really thick socks for 10 minutes or so. Had to do it a couple of times and now they fit perfectly.
Tip from S&B I think but it really worked!

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