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Shapewear - or not

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FormerlyCatherineDeB Fri 11-Nov-16 13:04:12

My work wardrobe involves lots of knitted dresses from Jaegar Outlet and I would like something 'smoothing' to wear underneath. For instance I noticed a seam on a particular pair of thick tights through the knit one day last week.

I have tried a normal full slip but it seems to be wider than the cut of the dress at the hem of the slip and slightly annoying.

I don't really want suck you in shape wear, want to wear my normal bra underneath but I definitely don't want one of those things that is cut away under your bra.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Have spent ages looking but haven't managed to find anything other than what I have tried.

I did look at a JL shape wear slip and it seemed to be really thin/almost made of opaque tight material which isn't really what I want.

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