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Mildly pregnant in party season

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tinygigolo Thu 10-Nov-16 12:36:56

Hi all,

I'll be about 18-20 weeks pregnant over the Christmas party season so I've got enough of a bump to not be able to fit into any slinky party dresses, but am not far gone enough to need maternity yet!

Has anyone seen any nice forgiving but flattering dresses, perhaps empire line, that might suit a blossoming figure like mine?

ImYourWomanJonSnow Thu 10-Nov-16 13:45:33

Congratulations tiny.

I'm going to be similarly pregnant by mid December.
I have a silk print blouse from Hm & Kenzo with short sleeves that I will wear with whichever trousers I can fit into at that point.

Also have an a-line slip dress that hopefully won't be too tight over the bump.

Failing everything else I think I'll just go for a simple wide silky shirt accessorised with some giant earrings and interesting shoes.

tinygigolo Fri 11-Nov-16 09:02:11

Thanks JonSnow, and congratulations too!

As it happens I've just ordered one of the silky Alexa blouses from M&S so I'll give that a try with some cigarette trousers and jewellery. The awkward not quite blooming yet phase is a tricky one!

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