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Big Hair or Instyler?

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TobleroneBoo Tue 08-Nov-16 22:01:19

Help! I just want lovely hair. Any pros or cons for each?

TobleroneBoo Wed 09-Nov-16 07:21:56


LucyLocketLostHerPocket Wed 09-Nov-16 07:27:12

Love my Big Hair. I have the smaller barrelled one as my hair is just past chin length. Hair is rough dried first then I use it to smooth it and curve it under. It gives me salon style hair for very little time or effort and is the only way my hair looks 'done'. Love it and never want to be without it, first time I've ever had 'grown up' hair.

Only1scoop Wed 09-Nov-16 07:29:57

Love my big hair but haven't tried the other you mention.

TobleroneBoo Wed 09-Nov-16 07:56:30

Thanks for your replies, I will be getting the big hair- mine is quite long and often looks unfinished so I will give it a go grin

Only1scoop Wed 09-Nov-16 08:01:11

Mine is longish have the large barrel and it's the only way I can blow dry the back....I've always been pretty rubbish at hair though blush

Liiinoo Wed 09-Nov-16 13:13:43

I love my Big Hair. I also have an instyler that I only used twice . Never got to grips with it, I was always scared of burning myself. PM me if you are in the UK and want to make me an offer. I would be glad of the house room.

EatsShitAndLeaves Wed 09-Nov-16 13:28:12

I have both blush

Since buying the BigHair I never use the Instyler.

FunkinEll Wed 09-Nov-16 14:51:08

I had a bug hair delivered yesterday(£30 on amazon at the moment) and so far so good, great for my fringe too.

passthecheese Wed 09-Nov-16 16:37:40

I have used the big hair for 4/5 years, and I love it. But I had my hair cut to jaw length and I bought an instyler and now I never use the big hair but I probably would again if my hair was longer. For me the instyler is easier to use on shorter hair and the finish is smoother.

CantChoose Wed 09-Nov-16 17:34:36

Any of you big hair ladies know if it would work on my quite curly hair? Or is it best for finishing off straight hair?

EatsShitAndLeaves Thu 10-Nov-16 21:04:45

cant I have strongly wavy hair.

Left to itself it turns into something even Helena Bonham-Carter wouldn't approve of :-)

So it depends on what you mean by curly grin

The BH works really well on my hair when combined with a smoothing styling spray/cream and doesn't heat damage my hair like the IS.

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