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Anyone know where you can buy sleeves for under dresses?

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northerngoldilocks Tue 08-Nov-16 21:53:12

Just that really. Have seen some you can get in lacy fabric where they're designed to be worn under sleeveless stuff in winter. There was something ok Facebook called 'my shimmy' or something but they're ridiculously expensive. Also saw the wingz ones but they looked a bit 'cover my fat arms' rather than looking nice (might be wrong on this) but wondered if anyone had any bargain options on this - like primark (hopeful ...) thanks !

BumWad Tue 08-Nov-16 21:57:47

I would like to know this too

Laska5772 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:02:44

Marks and Spencer Spotty and Lacey

northerngoldilocks Tue 08-Nov-16 22:39:10

Looks good - thank you

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