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Teenage Girls Clothes

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Clutterbugsmum Tue 08-Nov-16 21:52:32

Where do you buy you clothes from.

My DD1 is 12 (13 in January) is now going into adult sizes, she probably about 5ft 5in, size 8/10 with 33/34in legs.

She out grown most children size clothes but is not fashion conscious and doesn't want adult style clothes IYKWIM.

Thank you

Ohyesiam Tue 08-Nov-16 22:21:33

H&m, and good old primark., with it's questionable ethics.
I know what you mean about her not wanting adult style clothes, but there is lots of more neutral stuff along side the belly tops.

CrabbyJo Tue 08-Nov-16 22:32:26

New Look and H&M are where I mostly buy for my DD who is 13 next month. She'd prefer River Island but I think they're too expensive and grown up.

nancy75 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:35:02

New look but you have to really look through a load of crap, next go up to bigger sizes in some things. H&M & river Island but again you have to really look

L1lyOfTheValley Tue 08-Nov-16 22:38:02

Topshop online for jeans (we have tall teen girls in this house). H&M and occasionally Primark for basic tees. Hollister and Superdry for hoodies, fancy tees.

Clutterbugsmum Wed 09-Nov-16 11:06:07

Thank you, I have a look.

FranklyMeDeer Wed 09-Nov-16 11:11:35

My Dd is almost the same age and proportions. Most of her stuff now comes from the adult range in primark or h&m as she's now outgrown most of the teen ranges, especially in the leg.

Buying skirts and trousers for school is such great fun <glugs gin>

JamieVardysParty Wed 09-Nov-16 12:42:58

Have a look at Forever 21 online too. Some great things there for really good prices.

CruCru Wed 09-Nov-16 14:58:57

I know it's rather a cliche but Boden?

JohnCheese Wed 09-Nov-16 15:04:34

Zara? I have a tall, long-legged 11 year old and I find it incredibly difficult to find stuff for her. The 8-14 yo stuff in H&M is mostly awful, even DD rarely likes much of it.

Zara might be the best of a bad lot for the in-betweeny stage.

VintagePerfumista Wed 09-Nov-16 15:39:28

Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch for outers (jumpers, sweatshirts, hoodies) H&M and Primark for stuff like t-shirts. Both always have mahoosive code discounts.

Zara's sizing is utterly bonkers, so try before you buy.

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Wed 09-Nov-16 15:41:15

Ladies h&m, primark, select clothing, the odd thing from tesco/ asda.
Given up on new look, as everything shrinks or buttons fall off.

LIZS Wed 09-Nov-16 15:47:15

Esprit go up to 176cm as does h and m.

robbyfine Thu 10-Nov-16 12:36:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

JohnCheese Thu 10-Nov-16 15:02:06

Gosh that catimini site is expensive!

naffedoff Thu 10-Nov-16 19:01:55

My 13 year old is 5'7 and size 6. She wears likes New Look for tops (teen range or adult); TopShop Jamie jeans - or Primark adult skinnies for a cheaper option. She's also got a few nice things from H&M, Zara & Miss Selfridge - again adult range rather than teens.

CallarMorvern Fri 11-Nov-16 10:54:22

DD isn't as tall, but wears a size 8-10. She likes Topshop, but we can't afford it. She buys leggings from Sainsburys ( 2 pack plain ones are good value), jeans from DPs, tops from Primark/Peacocks the odd thing from Next kids as they do teenage sizes, sporty stuff from Sports Direct. Also other random 2nd hand stuff from Ebay/charity shops (Johnnie B dresses).

CallarMorvern Fri 11-Nov-16 10:55:29

Oh and we get quite a bit from Gap outlets.

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