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Which hairdryer for my hair?

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Paddingtonthebear Tue 08-Nov-16 17:00:08

My babyliss hair dryer is on its last legs. It's also crap and only two years old. I want to get something decent after years of cheap dryers. Looking at Parlux, Eti and Diva. The best selling hairdryer on Amazon is called Xtava. Any experience of these?

Also, does the best hairdryer depend on hair type? I have straight hair, quite thick and loads of it

Thanks smile

Paddingtonthebear Tue 08-Nov-16 19:54:09

Bump smile

itshappenedagain Tue 08-Nov-16 19:58:10

I have a Ghd. I have really thick hair until I had it cut off for charity recently I could sit on it too and use it daily no straighteners to get my hair straight, as it has a slight wave and dry. It's 4 years old now and still going strong. Wouldn't go back to another brand after it.

Skullduggeryfizz Tue 08-Nov-16 20:00:25

I've recently bought a Remington Protect D8700 for £40.00 It's a great hairdryer and dries my thick, long hair very quickly. My daughter has a Parlux hairdryer, which I have borrowed in the past and the Remington is just as good for a third of the price.
It was a Which Best Buy and I generally find the reviews from Which are very reliable.

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