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I need a dress to impress

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Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 15:29:52

Please help

I need to find the perfect dress but as cheap as possible would be good or under £200.

Size 14

Longer rather than shorter I would assume.


Can't wear halter necks or anything high necked.

Must go with silver/white gold jewellery as I'm planning on wearing my grandmother necklace.

Matching shoes and clutch/bag would be a bonus.

Bluntness100 Mon 07-Nov-16 15:32:14

Impress who , why and at what type of event? I'm guessing it's an evening do as uou mention halterneck?

theredjellybean Mon 07-Nov-16 15:57:08

the pretty dress company

i have just bought a gorgeous velvet dress from there and it looks wow ..

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 16:42:33

It's a charity ball and dress code is dress to impress.
Not quite sure what that means but I'm guessing black tie and posh frock.
No ball gowns as the last one I attend only one person was wearing such.

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 17:29:16

Is this too much?

jennyblonde82 Mon 07-Nov-16 19:11:58

I'd go for self-portrait if you want a more cocktail style. If you want maxi then Jarlo might be worth a look. And surprising Hobbs has some pretty striking dresses. X

KlingybunFistelvase Mon 07-Nov-16 19:14:52

If you can get to a HoF or similar you could maybe use their personal shopper? I've never actually done it but I've heard really good things and am planning to use one for the next wedding I go to not that the couple have actually set a date yet - saddo blush.

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 19:59:17

Due to DC and work commitments it has to be online shopping only.

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:04:55

I've got this dress in a size 14 and it is exquisite online. I look at least a size smaller in it. 20% off at JL at the moment too

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:05:15

I meant it looks exquisite on! Not online!

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 20:05:52

Would a black dress be best?

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 20:09:17

Second time of linking this dress today, but this is a lovely shape and would show off your necklace. You could go with almost any shoes / bag (colour, metallics, black...)

TweedAddict Mon 07-Nov-16 20:10:30

You need lipsy, I'm a size 14 and there dresses fit amazingly. They sell a lot of them on next online.

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 20:13:50

Black is probably best to show off jewelry, depends what it is!

This is very different and leaves lots of money for stunning shoes

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 20:14:40

Navy can also be good and a bit different when everyone else is in black

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:14:43

Olennas is that the right link? The dress in that link looks really casual and doesn't fit the "dress to impress" theme?

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 20:15:36

But this blue could be good, depending on colourings, and the back bit makes it a bit more daring

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:20:17

This Jenny Packham dress is absolutely beautiful:

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 20:23:49

Green? Also comes in black, and would also allow for fabulous shoes

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:31:42

And this one is gorgeous too:

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:32:45

Olennas none of those are black tie though? Not suitable for a charity ball at all!

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 20:39:11

Does JL refund if an item does not fit?

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:39:57

Yes OP

Theselittlelightsofmineshine Mon 07-Nov-16 20:41:45

Thank you Queen I have found one I love but it's a size smaller and I'm not sure I could squeeze in it.

Queenbean Mon 07-Nov-16 20:43:18

What is the brand? Some of them definitely come up bigger than the others

And post the link so I can nosy at your style smile

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