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Need a coat for winter - Help

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zeezeela Mon 07-Nov-16 13:02:23

I need a coat for winter, I want it to be stylish and fitted (maybe but I am not sure). I just can't seem to find one and hoping someone can help.

Ideally I'm not looking to spend over £100.

bojorojo Mon 07-Nov-16 13:44:32

Have a good look at what John Lewis have on line. The brands that fall into your price bracket tend to be Miss Selfridge, Warehouse (have really upped their game recently), and Oasis. However, I have seen a fantasitc coat on offer in Hobbs for £149 that is stylish. You could also see if any of the outlet on line shops have anything from last winter greatly reduced. If it is a classic coat, eg a belted wrap, then no-one will ever know it is last year's. I tend to buy all coats from outlet, especially Jaeger. (I am a huge coat fan - cannot get enough of them!). You might like a military style but lots of the coasts this year are quite roomy. I would try and get the best material and quality you can for your money

bojorojo Mon 07-Nov-16 14:41:58

You might be interested to now that Jaeger Outlet have a further 40% off their coats. This brings a few of them down to around £100 or less. Worth a look for a classic coat.

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