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Dressing down a leather midi skirt

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KanyesVest Sat 05-Nov-16 23:35:32

I'm trying to get more wear out of my black leather midi skirt. I was thinking opaque and trainers might work. Since I don't tend to wear trainers unless I'm running, opinions on these would be welcome...
coloured floral
black & white floral
cherry blossom

BusterGonad Sun 06-Nov-16 05:45:40

I'm really sorry but I'm not keen on any of them, but if I had to pick it would be the Adiddas speckled. Is this midi skirt pleated?

GizmoFrisby Sun 06-Nov-16 05:55:01

You will get plenty of wear out of it over Xmas. Otherwise maybe eBay it. I'm not so keen on adidas and leather skirts.
Caroline flack can get away with it but unsure the general public can. hmm

caraway33 Sun 06-Nov-16 05:59:26

cherry blossom

BusterGonad Sun 06-Nov-16 06:01:15

I loved trainers and skirts when I was 19 and it was the indie days but now give me an ankle boot any day of the week and I'm as happy as a pig in poo!

KanyesVest Sun 06-Nov-16 08:50:37

Skirt is straight, not pleated. I know I'll wear it over Christmas and for work, but it's lovely and I want to wear it without heels too. I'm definitely not Caroline flack, so I'll have another look for inspiration blush. I think I'm unique in the western world, but abhore ankle boots.

sortthetacheoutbernard Sun 06-Nov-16 08:52:46

I have black Stan smiths which I wear with my leather midi.

KanyesVest Sun 06-Nov-16 08:53:27

Doh, I abhor

BusterGonad Sun 06-Nov-16 09:01:09

Kenyes if wearing trainers with your skirt makes you feel good than go for it. All because some of us on here wouldn't doesn't mean you shouldn't!

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:03:19

Converse would be better than trainers like those op.

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:04:20

Like this

KanyesVest Sun 06-Nov-16 09:11:02

Storm, but do converse not look a bit odd with opaques? I need warmth as well!

Thanks, Buster i will! I find this board great for suggesting alternatives to my usual choices. Some I'd never go for, others I'd just never thought of smile

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:12:46

I would go for leggings I think. Opaques wouldn't look quite right, but leggings or footless tights would work.

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:13:29

Tbh opaques look weird with trainees of any kind.

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:13:45


prettywhiteguitar Sun 06-Nov-16 09:14:33

I'm going to try and wear mine today with new brogues and a black skinny polo neck. I was wearing it with my tan Mary Jane clogs and it looked great but I feel too dressed up.

I will report back !

Stormwhale Sun 06-Nov-16 09:15:44

No I take that back. Just looked through pictures and tights and converse look fine!

SillyOldUncleFeedle Sun 06-Nov-16 09:27:36

I have black Stan Smiths (snakeprint). I would wear them with mine.

KanyesVest Sun 06-Nov-16 14:50:19

Guitar what did you end up wearing? I have lovely brogues, but I wear them to work and I want something to wear to the playground instead.

Stan Smith's are probably less clunky than the ones I was looking at. I'll have another search.

originalmavis Sun 06-Nov-16 14:59:15

"you're a very naughty leather miniskirt, you're grounded for a month young lady, and any more lip from you and there'll be no TV or sleepovers until Christmas, now go to your room"

prettywhiteguitar Mon 07-Nov-16 17:51:25

Well I dressed it down with a chunky knit and brogues buuuuut I went to an arty film festival so I was going for the geek 🤓 look

I haven't any trainers but if I did I would get some black leather Ines and I'd happily wear the same outfit with black leather converse. I've spent too much money now though till after Christmas!

OlennasWimple Mon 07-Nov-16 17:53:50

Brogues! Not trainers!

jennyblonde82 Mon 07-Nov-16 19:13:04

IMO classic Stan smiths work with everything.

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