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House of Colour - assistance

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HmmmmBop Sat 05-Nov-16 22:09:15

nicking inspired by someone else's thread.

I hate shopping, I'm terrible at it.

I am a 'cool winter', I'm an hourglass shape - can someone find me some clothes please grin

RaisingSteam Sat 05-Nov-16 22:14:25

Smart or casual and what style?

AmberNectarine Sat 05-Nov-16 22:14:29

What sort of thing are you after? I'm a sultry winter and also hourglass.

Casually I mostly go for jeans, fitted jumpers, knitted dress and a variety of shirts.

Work I'm all about the pencil skirt/slim fit trouser and shirt combo. Fitted shift type dresses when I need to be particularly smart.

Black, white, grey, burgundy and navy form the foundation of my wardrobe. I then wear the odd bit of scarlet, purple, cobalt and emerald/forest green. I don't do any of the ice pastels really but being cool you may suit those a lot better. What were your ** colours?

HmmmmBop Sat 05-Nov-16 22:24:06

My casual outfits are skinny jeans and slouchy tops.

Work I wear either a pencil skirt and fitted top or skinny jeans and a floaty top (basically the same as home but slightly better fabric grin)

I can't remember what the colours were off the top of my head except teal and raspberry but I'm so bad at shopping that even though I had the colours done over 6 months ago I've only bought three things since then.

I usually end up wearing various shades of grey (not 50 wink)

I think if I had some nice comfy heels it would help as I have short legs so can look a bit dumpy.

I'm very open to any suggestions, I'm genuinely rubbish and change 'styles' like weather as with the exception of slouchy tops that I can hide in (which the HoC lady said I shouldn't wear) I always feel like a prat!

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