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Shampoo and conditioner recommendations for dry/damaged wavy hair? I'm desperate!

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MrsJohanHegg Sat 05-Nov-16 16:39:37

I have dye-damaged dry hair ( just below shoulder length) and finding something that a) looks after and repairs my hair while b) not weighing it down making it flat and taking out the natural wave is being a nightmare! I have a great intensive hair mask from Lush but it's the normal stuff that isn't helping... and I'm under orders from my hair dresser to never again use cheap brands of whatever hmmwink

Can anyone recommend a brand/type to do the following? Not a massive budget but needs to do this:
1) Condition and repair damaged hair/make it soft and brushable;
2) Not weigh it down and remove natural wave;
3) Not strip dye as I'm really grey for my age!

Please help wise stylish ones grin I'm off shopping tomorrow so any recommendations would be great!

missjoanie Sat 05-Nov-16 16:43:55

Kerastase Resistance is the only stuff that makes my over-processed, straightened hair look healthy. It's not cheap but HQ Hair and Look Fantastic frequently have good offers. Around now, the gift sets come out too.

stillstanding51 Sat 05-Nov-16 18:46:05

Sound exactly like my hair 😉 and I've been using L'Oréal Everpure. The green one! And I'm starting to notice an improvement in the condition of my hair. I think you need to use a clarifying shampoo when you first use it, to remove silicone build up or something...😃

Toomuchbooty Sat 05-Nov-16 18:51:46

Last year I bleached the bejesus out of my hair, out of all the 100s of things I tried to 'unstraw' it the best by far was Aussie shampoo and conditioner, they also do an intense conditioner you can buy in either sachets or I think you can get a bottle of it, it's great and smells amazing!

I used to put was it and leave the conditioner in get out the shower, cling film it for half an hour then rinse. You don't need to do this obviously but mine was very damaged!

MrsJohanHegg Sat 05-Nov-16 19:54:42

Ah I love Aussie, you're tempting me to go with that again wink thanks for the recs, keep them coming so I can check them out! smile

Thatwaslulu Sat 05-Nov-16 19:58:30

Body Shop banana conditioner is ace.

SuperPug Sat 05-Nov-16 20:12:08

Kerastaste Blowdry Incroyable is fantastic.
My hair was very dry, like you describe yours.
You only use a small amount and looks good rough drying with a hair dryer. I'd use a nozzle rather than a diffuser- I thought the diffuser was giving me more body but it was making my hair look worse.

nooddsocksforme Sat 05-Nov-16 21:17:14

wella smoothen shampoo and conditioner is great. I have thick coarse long hair with kinks rather than waves and this makes it more manageable. very expensive in the shops but much cheaper online esp if you buy in bulk SP Smoothen Shampoo ( For Unruly Hair ) 250ml/8.33oz
by Wella

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