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What to wear for a very important meeting?

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notagiraffe Sat 05-Nov-16 16:11:35

Usually I work from home, so live in jeans. But have just joined a new project for a multinational company. My role is creative, they are corporate, and we are meeting to discuss the project, which I have a key role in. I really can't turn up in jeans. I have no work clothes and don't want to buy a cheap M&S suit I'll never wear.

What would you expect a creative director to wear to a meeting. It's not advertising, but a similar dress code would probably be fine. I'm 50, fair skin and hair, size 12 but very hourglass (big hips and boobs, smallish waist) with legs like a rugby player so avoid showing them off in any way.

Where should I look? Not sure where to start. I like All Saints clothes but am not sure I'm the right shape for them.

tethersend Sat 05-Nov-16 16:41:39

This is gorgeous IRL, and down to £37 today.

notagiraffe Sun 06-Nov-16 00:12:21

Yes that is gorgeous, and I love Jaeger. Thanks.

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Sun 06-Nov-16 00:17:29

Yeah that is lovely! I came on to say black 7/8 trousers and colour pop shoes (maybe orange?) and a white shirt.

Then you are totally professional but with a twist on the shoes

HeddaGarbled Sun 06-Nov-16 00:38:13

Suit type trousers, not too tight. M&S do have some, Next good and cheap, John Lewis for slightly better quality. Wear with a top you already own and like, can be funky/arty but not too tight and no cleavage. Then if you own a decent coat or jacket already, that's all you need, decent cardy with scarf at a pinch.

Totally agree about not turning up in jeans but so long as you are reasonably presentable, you don't need to look like a contestant on Apprentice.

bojorojo Sun 06-Nov-16 01:22:36

I think the dress is a bit too sludgy in colour. Black cigarette trousers - Jaeger have them too, and a tunic style top. Jaeger sometimes have silk ones. They are not long tunics, but sit neatly over trousers. Where would you get Orange shoes? I would consider a bright chunky necklace (or something more edgy from COS) which is more visible. Would you ever wear orange shoes again? Plain black LKB shoes are a much safer option. Definitely make sure they are comfortable though!
Also, take a decent handbag or work bag. Not a scruffy hobo you take everywhere with you! Good luck!

notagiraffe Sun 06-Nov-16 08:19:48

LOL at contestant on the Apprentice Hedda - no I definitely don't want to look like that. Happy not to look too corporate, but just want to look smart and capable, and am so used to being trusted for what I do not how I appear, because of working from home, that I've got a bit slobby.

What's the very elegant version of creative these days? I'll look at Jaeger and All Saints. Smart black work trousers always make me feel like that character in Little Britain, 'Pens Are Friends'. My legs are way my worst feature, so I need to focus on a good top or a long dress.

Maraki Sun 06-Nov-16 08:32:40

Skinny tousers with heels or knee high boots, long bum-covering top or white shirt (DH's?) and a blazer and statement necklace to smarten everything up. Painted nails and good makeup.

ComputerDog Sun 06-Nov-16 09:16:10

Ok that jaeger outlet site is amazing! How did I not know about this before??

notagiraffe Sun 06-Nov-16 09:16:44

You think knee high boots are OK? I love knee high boots and live in them normally. Happy to go and get a more elegant pair to wear with a dress rather than trousers. (I love the look you've described Maraki but I'd look like a kid dressing up as a pirate in it! grin)

notagiraffe Sun 06-Nov-16 09:17:51

Computer - great place to get cashmere. I love Jaeger sales too.

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