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Post shopping trip - please shoot me

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exhaustedhome Sat 05-Nov-16 15:34:49

On my way home from a few hours at oxford street. I am desperate for new clothes and am 40 soon so would have loved a new outfit.

Literally feel like shooting myself. I used to be so good at style and clothes, and appeared put together and a bit 'on trend'

Now I have no idea what suits me. Kept catching myself in the mirror - just look like a fat frumpy mess.

Suddenly things that I thought looked good now make me look dreadful. I used to have gorgeous hair that was thick and in a sort of shaggy beachy wave style. It just looks a mess and it seems to be thinning out and lank.

Not sure what I'm posting for really, just feeling grumpy that I always assumed I'd have a fabulous time turning 40, and actually I just want to go and live in a cave

budgetsbonus Sat 05-Nov-16 16:45:38

oh no, annoying! i feel a bit the same as you. i've got about 1/2 stone of extra timber on me which sits around my waist which proportionally was always a bit bigger to start with!

i know its clothes you're after but for me, at the moment im enjoying trying out new make up. could that make you feel better about yourself?

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