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come and snigger with me at what Eve magazine thinks new mums should wear

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cazboldy Mon 12-Feb-07 10:00:52

Just after mine were born I thought it was an achievement to get dressed at all......who cares what I am wearing as long as it covers my ginormous boobs and does up at the waist!?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hana Mon 12-Feb-07 09:59:42

'and has obviously washed her hair'


WideWebWitch Mon 12-Feb-07 09:59:18

Oh I know Capp, I sniggered at that too.

Cashmere and posset go SO well together.

edam Mon 12-Feb-07 09:59:08

LOL! But at least they noticed that women have babies. Most glossy mags don't. When I worked in that industry, fashion desks were not exactly well-known for employing mothers.

OttergavebirthonValentines Mon 12-Feb-07 09:58:40

how ridiculous
'touche eclat' for the bags and a pair of red flares for the extra bloody days?

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 09:58:02

I'd also like to point out that the woman in the pictures weighs about six stone

and has obviously washed her hair

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 09:56:59

okay the fun starts with:

'A super-stylish maternity leave' - after the birth buy 'an oh-so-soft tracksuit in velour or cashmere (go on - it's an investment buy'

okay so when can a velour tracksuit ever be right?

and how is buying a piece of clothing in a size you hope you'll never be again an 'investment'

it goes on

'wear your jeans with a 'wow' top that you can dress down with a vest underneath'

and there is a picture of a woman in a white top costing £95 for her baby to puke down

doesn't look particularly washable either

by the second page we are wesring the most hideous dress imaginable in a vile print because it 'hides a multitude of sins' (?!) and then we see a lovely woman in her trenchcoat and Mulberry bag which doesn't look a) like it is holding any nappies or b) like it is going to be looped over the handle of any pushchair anytime soon as she doesn't have one with her

oh and as if we hadn't thought of this, in the summer we should 'wear a sundress'

and buy waterproof mascara for the 'baby blues'

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