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come and snigger with me at what Eve magazine thinks new mums should wear

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Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 09:56:59

okay the fun starts with:

'A super-stylish maternity leave' - after the birth buy 'an oh-so-soft tracksuit in velour or cashmere (go on - it's an investment buy'

okay so when can a velour tracksuit ever be right?

and how is buying a piece of clothing in a size you hope you'll never be again an 'investment'

it goes on

'wear your jeans with a 'wow' top that you can dress down with a vest underneath'

and there is a picture of a woman in a white top costing £95 for her baby to puke down

doesn't look particularly washable either

by the second page we are wesring the most hideous dress imaginable in a vile print because it 'hides a multitude of sins' (?!) and then we see a lovely woman in her trenchcoat and Mulberry bag which doesn't look a) like it is holding any nappies or b) like it is going to be looped over the handle of any pushchair anytime soon as she doesn't have one with her

oh and as if we hadn't thought of this, in the summer we should 'wear a sundress'

and buy waterproof mascara for the 'baby blues'

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 14:32:10

do you have a cashmere tracksuit Enid?

do you find it just the thing to wear when carrying your laundry around the house?


Enid Mon 12-Feb-07 14:29:45

ooh I like the posh fashion

MrsBadger Mon 12-Feb-07 13:59:36

glad to hear it Capp!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Mon 12-Feb-07 12:59:32

I cried when, several weeks after the birth of DD2, I still had to wear either maternity trousers and a baggy jumper or DH's jeans (he asked me to never wear them again as I looked so hideous). I love these cloud-cuckoo land articles. How deep are our pockets supposed to be? And how interested are you in your appearance when you feel like shit and sleep-deprived. I was just depressed that nothing fit me, and I always looked horrible anyway, so what was the point. Add to that stitches, a post-baby menstruation that passes 10 gallons of blood a day for about a month and leaking boobs and I would think that washability/disposability were the highest pre-requisites of any clothing purchase. And, like was said before, you are invisible behind a puschair, anyway.

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 12:25:39

Mrs Badger! Was just about to send you an email!

how happy my dd is with her stable!! You have never seen a child more pleased!!

MrsBadger Mon 12-Feb-07 11:46:20

must say that is the one thing that annoys me about Easy Living - their fashion things are just too expensive.
Glamour may be ghastly in all sorts of other directions but at least half their fashion stuff is high st and reasonably affordable.

SilentTerror Mon 12-Feb-07 11:36:33

Agree about Woman and Home magazine.The fashion and in particular is great,shows there is life after forty!Was forty last week and have decided I quite like looking at glamorous 'older' women, not skinny teenage waifs.Think the fashion in Eve,Easy Living etc can be quite OTT,especially price wise.Still buy the mags though...

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TinyGang Mon 12-Feb-07 11:27:19


Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 11:25:19

ha ha yes deb the 'trophy wives'

DebitheScot Mon 12-Feb-07 11:21:11

Tinygang- I remember looking at the mams&papas catalogue before ds was born and laughing at how I was never going to look like the "parents" in it. The car seats in the front seat of the open top sports car driven by the rather sexy man were the best.

DebitheScot Mon 12-Feb-07 11:17:52

I have a subscription to eve but am still not quite finished January's one. Just went and dug out March's so I could look at that article. I think to be able to (and want to) buy all those clothes you need to be one of the women in the article that is next in the mag. And who the hell has a "nappy bag beauty kit"??

I also spent the first couple of weeks in maternity clothes (which were not gorgeous, glamorous, sophisticated....) or dhs t-shirts. That's if I even got dressed at all. DS is 9 months old and I still answered the door to the postman in my pjs this morning at about 9.30.

ssd Mon 12-Feb-07 11:15:13

www I'm impressed you could actually qualify for those jobs in the Sunday Times!

I read that paper every week and don't even know what most of the jobs in the job section are about!!

Anchovy Mon 12-Feb-07 11:12:33

Pink Tulips - with each child I think there was a 4 month period when my day wear and night wear were indistinguishable.

The key is getting the right type of pull on trousers: stripy cotton pjs = slattern still in bed in the afternoon; plain black or grey cotton pull on ones = anytime wear. Think I had 2 pairs from Knickerbox and 2 pairs from Primark.

Can I put this advice in a book and charge £12.95?

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Feb-07 11:10:17

And The Observer every Sunday and The Sunday Times only if I'm job hunting
And read the jobs online

FioFio Mon 12-Feb-07 11:09:59

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 11:09:09

good god www! that's quite a list

I get this sent through the post by my dad

TinyGang Mon 12-Feb-07 11:08:49

Haha! What's the point of writing books for new mums? It was two years before I read a proper book again iirc.

Cashemere track suits indeed!

When our first was due I remember looking through the Mamas and Papas book for a pram. Not in all the years that followed did dh or myself ever resemble the parents in that book.

ssd Mon 12-Feb-07 11:08:42

whats easy living like then?

I've never seen it

taylormama Mon 12-Feb-07 11:08:26

i have PG tips full strenth and white bread with lard ...

ssd Mon 12-Feb-07 11:08:00

yes it used to be good

load of sh*te these days

what planet are these people on?

Cappuccino Mon 12-Feb-07 11:07:55

Haymarket Magazines it says

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Feb-07 11:07:42

I buy
Easy Living
Hello sometimes
OK sometimes
Heat sometimes
The Economist sometimes
The Eclologise sometimes
NW sometimes
Both of which are surprisingly good, I really like them but wish they'd both change their names, I feel frumpy the minute I put them in my trolley

fairyfly Mon 12-Feb-07 11:07:03

Does it really say Red Flares for the extra bloody days?

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Feb-07 11:05:29

It was better before, is it not owned by the BBC anymore? Who then, Emap?

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