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Soft black winter hat (not a bobble hat)

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OldLagNewName Fri 04-Nov-16 11:34:41

My lovely new red duffle coat has no hood. Well, it has a button on/off hood but it is ridiculously small and can't actually be used. I want a comfortable black hat to keep the drizzle off and my head warm on the walk to school. Further complication - I have a large head, so standard size women's hats often don't fit me, I either need something that stretches or something that comes in more than one size (or is a man's hat). I don't want a bobble hat - I want something a bit more stylish and interesting, but not a really dressed-up kind of hat (and defininitely not a Paddington Bear type hat, due to not actually wanting to look like him). Most hats generally suit me but I think I don't really want a beanie - something more interesting than that. A beret is possible, but any other suggestions?

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