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Have to share my charity shop bargain boots

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LunaLoveg00d Fri 04-Nov-16 08:32:47

Was in a local charity shop yesterday (not the one I volunteer in) and got this pair of Doc Marten Leonore brown ankle boots, as new and still with the quality checked sticker inside for the grand total of £7.

They are selling new online for anything between £85 and £115.

Winter school run shoes sorted!!

mogloveseggs Fri 04-Nov-16 08:35:55

Wow! Well done they're lovely smile

GizmoFrisby Fri 04-Nov-16 08:36:43

I love charity shops! Well done!

LunaLoveg00d Fri 04-Nov-16 08:50:23

Have never had Dockie boots before - although my sister wore a lot as a teen. I was always put off by the "bovver boot" image but these are nothing like that at all, and very well made and sturdy.

HonkHonkNose Fri 04-Nov-16 08:53:14

Great find!

Jinglebells99 Fri 04-Nov-16 09:03:53

My local charity shop currently has a wool suit in the window that they say retails at £2000 and they are selling for £250. Doubtful they will get anything like that for it hmm

teenmumandsowhat Fri 04-Nov-16 09:07:56

I also managed to get myself a bargain pair of boots yesterday! Brand new walking boots, that fit perfectly. For only £10! I do love a good charity shop bargain grin

LunaLoveg00d Fri 04-Nov-16 09:12:09

A £2000 suit for £250 is a massive bargain though, if you're in the market for that kind of clothing. The charity shop where I volunteer gets stock from a well known "designer" type brand but the donations have strings attached - the brand says that our charity shop is not allowed to advertise that they have this stock, we're not allowed to put it on Twitter, or Facebook, or even put signs up in the shop. So you're really dependent on someone coming in, spotting a brand new posh frock at £100 and buying it. Unlikely.

I think the brand concerned don't want their upmarket image tarnished by people knowing that their display, sample and unsold stock ends up in charity shops.

LittleMissUpset Fri 04-Nov-16 09:12:31

Wow they are lovely smile

I'm off to trawl the charity shops in town, hopefully I will be back with a good bargain, but the shops round here don't have the best stuff.

I love the shops in Harrogate I got a gorgeous like new radley bag for £20!

dottyaboutstripes Fri 04-Nov-16 10:11:21

Jealous! I'm thinking of getting myself some and that's an absolute bargain!

LunaLoveg00d Fri 04-Nov-16 15:37:04

I have worn them all day and although they've been rubbing on my heel a bit they are very comfy. will have to keep my eyes peeled for more bargains!!

rockingthelook Fri 04-Nov-16 22:24:08

Got myself a lovely Laura Ashley skirt and a Per Una fur and wool gilet today, total cost £8 ! smile

BumWad Fri 04-Nov-16 23:10:46


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