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What do you think of these boots?

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Believeitornot Thu 03-Nov-16 08:56:59

heeled boots from clarks

These would be for work in autumn/winter with opaque tights and pencil skirts/dresses...?

Would love to know what people think. Am not sure.

burnishedsilver Thu 03-Nov-16 09:06:20

I've been considering buying them myself. I love the height and the colour but I'm not sure if they're too pointy. I'd like to see them irl.

FuckThatToOneSide Thu 03-Nov-16 09:44:33

Oh I'm no help OP as I can't be sure about these either! I think there's something about the pointy toe with the narrow heel that I'm not that keen on. I have knee boots a similar shape and I rarely wear them as I just put them on and am just not sure if they look a bit wrong somehow.

I think they'd be great under trousers actually which is the only way I wear my knee boots now, but if it was me I think I'd end up not wearing them with skirts etc. I'm a funny shape myself though so don't really suit narrow heels (I'm very tall, leggy and apple-y so end up looking like a potato on cocktail sticks)! If you are shorter and maybe more of a pear or hourglass they would probably look better.

Believeitornot Thu 03-Nov-16 16:01:28

Yes I need to get to clarks and have a proper look.

I'm quite skinny with skinny legs and don't really like trousers unless they're very slim fitted. So worried if I wear them wth trousers they'll look silly.

Also with a skirt they may make my ankle look even more skinny if they don't fit properly around the foot.

Mmmm might take the plunge and return if I don't like

FuckThatToOneSide Thu 03-Nov-16 16:26:33

Let us know how you get on OP! They are v nice in pictures.

skippy67 Thu 03-Nov-16 16:41:35

BOOTS16 gets you 20% off.

margaritasbythesea Thu 03-Nov-16 17:05:52

I like them but they're just a bit too high for me. I'm also considering these Any good to you?

I'd be really glad to know what others think of them.

BigginsforPope Thu 03-Nov-16 17:21:47

I've seen these in real life and they are nice. Go well with skirts and trousers and look very smart. (Btw I don't own them I've seen them being worn by someone else.)

Believeitornot Thu 03-Nov-16 17:50:05

I like those m&s ones as the heel seems more sturdy!

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