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Anyone transformed their body with exercise after 50?

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gardenangels Tue 01-Nov-16 23:13:37

Any advice?

passportmess Tue 01-Nov-16 23:20:39

I'm waiting to see what people suggest too gardenangels. I imagine it involves using weights. ( need to get in shape but am 45)

I wouldn't say transformed but I'm certainly fitter than one ever been.

Do you exercise now? What do you do and what would you like to do?

I do Pilates, Barre, yoga and tennis. The key I think is to do what you enjoy. From my perspective age hasn't really come into it.

I'd say of those listed Barre, Pilates and yoga have the most effect on the body. Barre helps to create strength and a good shape. Yoga helps with strength and flexibility. Pilates helps with the core, overall posture and tone.

Out2pasture Tue 01-Nov-16 23:25:50

I've done it once in my early 50's and sadly find myself doing it again in my late 50's.
Careful food choices and careful exercise choices

acurtis1234 Wed 02-Nov-16 07:45:21

Of course you can.

Why don't you start with a home DVD, like the Lorraine Kelly or Davina one? (pick one by a 20-something by all means, I just haven't tried them, and I know my 50+ friend uses the LK one regularly) You don't need any fancy kit, just some trainers so you don't knacker your knees and back which is the same advice for any age.
Try your local council gym, most do drop in or taster classes if you don't want a membership straight away. I say council gyms because they will offer a wide range of classes and will be inclusive. Every class I attend has all ages, even the advanced ones, and the gym itself. Not saying commercial gyms like Virgin Active aren't, but there a couple of gyms here which are very much for young bodybuilder types, although they would say open to all. So visit lots.

Mainly, don't give up. The hardest thing with exercise is starting. If e.g. yoga isn't for you, try pilates. But honestly, don't discount the more active cardio classes or something with weights. Even go to the weights gym, you might find you love it. The right instructor will not turn you away.

ChangedDaily Wed 02-Nov-16 07:47:46

Did you see Lesley Joseph on Strictly Come Dancing? She swears by yoga and given that she's fitter and more toned in her seventies than many forty somethings I think there's probably something in it.

OCSockOrphanage Wed 02-Nov-16 09:52:38

I can't claim to have transformed my body but owning a large dog means a longish walk every day and I do Pilates once (sometimes twice) weekly. This has kept me much the same shape (at 60) as I was at 25, if a dress size larger.

Lalsy Tue 15-Nov-16 17:19:09

OP, not sure about transformed but I have got fitter recently, gone down a dress size or two, and have just turned 50. I have done weights (machines), walking, sport, and some classes at my gym - VIPR, Core, aqua, kettlebells, one that is a mixture of cardio/strength/abs. There is usually a range of levels in each class and I push myself harder than I would on my own. I did my first burpee EVER last week and then couldn't move for two days. grin I have been surprised by what I have liked - more full on than I would have thought (while steering clear of stuff called Attack or Exhaustion!).

What is Barre like?

Lolimax Tue 15-Nov-16 17:23:21

Not quite 50 but nearly 47. Lost almost 4 stone since April and am fitter than I've probably ever been in my life. About 6 hours of exercise a week mainly cardio and a fanatic of MFP. It's not easy but it can be done.

ajandjjmum Tue 15-Nov-16 17:27:47

I'll let you know OP - I'm at the other end of my 50s, but after a pre-diabetes warning, have attacked my diet, and have just started going to the Gym three times a week. I hate it - boring boring. 15 mins each on two cycle machines, cycling 6 miles in total, and then 1 mile at a fast walk. Too early to say if I feel any better/different, but hopefully will in a few weeks.

junebirthdaygirl Tue 15-Nov-16 18:56:17

I did in mid 50s with circuit training but unfortunately haven't continued it. I loved it so must get back to it.

Lalsy Tue 15-Nov-16 19:30:09

ajandjjmum, that does sound boring! I am no expert, but would some classes and/or strength and resistance work be a good idea?

Barre is usually low impact and includes work at a Barre during the class plus other mat / standing work that is often not dissimilar to Pilates. Classes very but in my experience it is usually more intense than Pilates and is good at building strength and toning / shaping the body.

Lalsy Tue 15-Nov-16 23:46:17


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