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There are no dresses!

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williwonti Tue 01-Nov-16 21:52:46

I have a black tie event to go to soon and need a dress. I don't mind black but want it to be a bit elegant, but sexy, not too "old". I'm dark haired, 5'8" and a 10/12. I can spend up to £100 but can't find any that look like what i have in mind....let me know if see any great ones.

Werkzallhourz Wed 02-Nov-16 13:38:15

Try TK Maxx online. I go to quite a few black tie events, and have always bought my dresses from there.

Justmuddlingalong Wed 02-Nov-16 13:42:06

There seems to be a shortage of 'dressy' dresses this year. I got mine in Dorothy Perkins.

user1478153633 Thu 03-Nov-16 06:36:24

How about a debs gown

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