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Do black opaques and black shoes go with everything?

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ComputerDog Tue 01-Nov-16 07:37:27

I see a lot of women at work and on my commute who seem to wear black shoes and black tights with everything.

Have they almost become a "neutral" now?

I wear black tights an awful lot myself but don't feel quite right with certain outfits, like navy dresses for example. But what would I wear instead? I hate nude tights and blue shoes and blue tights would feel ridiculously matchy matchy to me.

catinbooots Tue 01-Nov-16 07:41:52

I wear plum tights with a navy dress and brown boots. Looks much nicer than it sounds!

I wear black tights a lot but have a few pairs with a subtle pattern to make them less boring.

Dark grey tights also make a nice change from black

ontherightpath Tue 01-Nov-16 08:03:49

They go with a lot of things, but not everything. I wear charcoal tights with navy shoes when wearing a navy dress for work. Or navy tights with brown/tan boots and a navy dress.
A colleague of mine was wearing the other day black opaques with black shoes and a bright red skirt. It looked lovely compared with the usual winter office uniform of everything-black-from-the-waist-down.

VeryPunny Tue 01-Nov-16 09:56:45

Feck no. Far too many people plump for black as safe when it's anythng but, IMO.

Grey often looks better with darker colours, and let's not get started on brown and black. Coloured tights look great too, assuming you get the right colours.

Queenbean Tue 01-Nov-16 09:58:20

I disagree, I think most coloured tights look awful. Either black or nude for me!

ComputerDog Wed 02-Nov-16 08:33:12

Interesting! I may try the charcoal tights with navy shoes, as I do love a navy dress. Black doesn't really suit me when I wear it close to my face.

I don't know if I'd be brave enough for coloured tights though.

Believeitornot Wed 02-Nov-16 08:47:24

It's because the weather is cold and this is an easy choice! You don't have to think much about it.

That said, I prefer nude tights with shoes and black or dark tights with boots. Not sure why, I just do.

NataliaOsipova Wed 02-Nov-16 08:49:36

No. They look fine with black things, but I'd say not with anything paler. I always feel much smarter in nude tights, I must admit, but I'm not super trendy!

Pestilence13610 Wed 02-Nov-16 09:05:57

I like barely black tights. A really cool toned brown/grey/taupe but dark and also they must not get noticeably darker at the ankles.
I think I am getting far too fussy with tights.
Also what the heck are wolford up to on their website? 24 shades of velvet de luxe and when you click on the colour almost all of them give you an identical picture of a ubiquitous brown shade.

FuckThatToOneSide Wed 02-Nov-16 09:07:19

I think black tights and shoes look ok with most dark colours. They look odd with pastels but still wouldn't make me raise an eyebrow at work. When I was working (now a sahm) I was in a very boring corporate office where brightly coloured tights would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I'd have felt a bit "hey look at me aren't I fun". The female equivalent of a comedy cartoon tie or something. In a different workplace I'm sure people could make them look nice.

I do have some grey tights too and used to wear chocolate brown too but never to work.

In brief, they don't look great with everything but they do look inoffensive and professional, which is maybe the look some people go for at work.

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