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Help with 'going out' outfit.

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Florathefern Tue 01-Nov-16 00:37:54

I am finding it very hard to shift a stone and as a result, the usual clothes I'd wear 'going out' (top and jeans) are not flattering on me. I am going on an annual night out with some friends I haven't seen since this time last year and I'm lost about what to wear.

Previously I'd have worn a black dress or a top with jeans and heels. Now I look dumpy and frumpy and the thought of dressing up to go out is starting to already freak me.

Obviously what I need to do most is lose this weight but I am struggling (tonight didn't help either). The girls/ladies I'm meeting go out ALL the time. Neither have children and they both have very active social lives. Our lives have gone in different directions but I don't want to feel different to them when I'm with them. We are staying in a hotel in London for the night and my usual wool jumper with skirt and high boots or jeans with a cardigan won't cut it. Can anyone suggest anything reasonably priced?

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