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How do you dress in your thirties

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QueenLizIII Mon 31-Oct-16 23:12:09

i feel like I want to change my style and be more stylish.

I am fine with work clothes but just general clothing.

Where to shop, what it in style right now?

Horsegirl1 Mon 31-Oct-16 23:20:32

Following . I'm a mum of four and feel a big mess. Will be 35 in December and feel OLD

Boredomismyenemy Tue 01-Nov-16 07:18:24

When you say general clothing do you mean casual clothing? What do you actually like to wear?! What colours suit you? What are your proportions? I try to wear things that suit me, with a nod to fashion. I'm 35. I've come to realise just because something is stylish doesn't mean it looks good on me! Blogs/Instagram give you a wide source of inspiration.

missfliss Tue 01-Nov-16 07:50:13

I second the comments about blogs.
I love schoolrunstyle and doesmybumlook40.

I'm having a bit of a style moment as I approach my 40th. I'm trying out some new stuff, and being a bit bolder. Whereas a few tears ago I think I was a big list between motherhood, no longer being in my 20s and lacking in confidence.

This year I have bought things I would never have tried previously. Leather jackets, coated leggings, leopard print in small amounts, faux fur gilets, over the knee boots and silk shirts. I love my clothes now, but have to stop spending - it's got a bit addictive

missfliss Tue 01-Nov-16 07:50:55

Years not tears ^

QueenLizIII Tue 01-Nov-16 11:00:29

Yes I mean casual clothing.

I wear dresses for the most part as my ass is a bit fat and I dont like trousers which are more fitted.

I have very wide hips in relation to my waist so pencil style dont work as I look fat. I have lots and lots of fit and flare dresses id different colours and bold patterns and now I wonder do i look a bit hippyish and maybe a bit scruffy.

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