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Biden returns without a receipt

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RatherSheepish Mon 31-Oct-16 22:12:52

I bought several things from Boden but only liked two of them so sent back the bulk of the order. I liked the two skirts I kept, but it's been a month and in yet to wear then as I can't find a top that goes with them. Can I still return them even though I sent the receipt back with the first batch of returns? And if so, how do I do this? I've stupidly taken the tags off but the skirts are unworn.

Mbear Mon 31-Oct-16 22:19:48

I don't think many places will accept them without their tags, they are now not in the condition they were sold, no matter how much you say you haven't worn them.

The lack of paperwork shouldn't have been an issue as it's an easy trail with online ordering etc.

Ring them and try your luck!

321zerobaby Mon 31-Oct-16 22:21:24

The email they send when the clothes are dispatched says on it that it doubles up as your recipe, print that off and send with the returns.

Kenworthington Mon 31-Oct-16 22:22:59

God Boden are amazing with returns. I emailed them about a top if bought about 2 months before and it was just hanging unworn in my wardrobe and they accepted it! I told them the truth as well. They even sent me a free postage label and had the full money back within a couple of days. Incredible and awesome customer service

RatherSheepish Mon 31-Oct-16 22:26:32

Gah, I think I deleted that email! But I might have it in my order history.

Laquila Mon 31-Oct-16 22:30:55

Boden accept returns up to 365 days after receipt - I once sent back a jumper after a good few months because it hadn't worn or washed well at all. There shouldn't be a problem returning unworn things - phone their customer services and ask them to resend the confirmation email if possible.

AgathaMystery Mon 31-Oct-16 22:49:47

I returned a skirt (worn) after 360 days blush wore it once & the lining rode up leaving the mesh overlay displaying my (substantial) knickers.

ThatsNotMyToddler Tue 01-Nov-16 02:18:02

Agree ring them and ask. Their no quibble 365 day returns policy is just that

Thelovecats Tue 01-Nov-16 04:25:52

Boden clothes don't have tags on anyway do they?

AmeliaJack Tue 01-Nov-16 05:29:28

Boden customer service are lovely and very helpful. Give them a call and explain and see what they say.

If they can't help, you might consider putting them on eBay. Boden stuff (if nicely photographed and presented) usually does well.

mejon Tue 01-Nov-16 07:57:17

I recently returned a tshirt I'd bought DD last Christmas that she hadn't worn and now didn't like hmm. Refunded straight away. You'll find your order details in your account history.

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