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Bra Wires not sitting right

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PetraDelphiki Mon 31-Oct-16 16:54:10

Hi all

I am a 36H (Bravissimo fitted) and I'm finding with some of my bras (esp Curvy Kate) that although the band feels correct and the cups seem to fit right the wire is too short for the channel when I'm wearing the bra.

So the wires sit flat on my breastbone up to the top of the channel, but under my arms they stop about an inch below the top of the channel - presumably because the bra is stretching around my ribcage. I don't think I can go up a band size as this fits pretty I need to go up a cup size?

Thoughts from bra gurus?

Liiinoo Mon 31-Oct-16 18:06:01

Go back to Bravissimo and get them to check it.

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