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Parlux or GHD Air?

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Aquasport Mon 31-Oct-16 16:48:40

Recommend me a hairdryer! Have heard good things about both, if Parlux which model.

And if anyone has seen any good deals on either of these I would also be v grateful flowers?

Aquasport Mon 31-Oct-16 21:26:34

Shameless bump

ZootSuit Mon 31-Oct-16 22:04:04

I've just ordered the ghd air on the recommendation of my hairdresser! £99 on asos but they have 20% off everything until 8am tomorrow if that helps?!

Nearlyadoctor Mon 31-Oct-16 22:42:20

I tried the GHD and really disliked it, found it made my hair frizz. Bought a Diva from a salon supplier and it is the best hairdryer I've owned.

maroda16 Mon 31-Oct-16 22:44:33

Gamma piu if you can get it! Best hair dryer ever, beats parlux hands down!

Nearlyadoctor Mon 31-Oct-16 22:45:47

Sorry should have said it's a Diva Rapida 3600PRO.

Dailymaildailyfail Mon 31-Oct-16 22:51:11

I've got a Parlux and it's fantastic. It replaced my older GHD hairdryer and because it's salon quality I've noticed a massive difference!

e1y1 Mon 31-Oct-16 23:12:18

I really like my ETI Turbo Stratos, apparently ETI is used by more salons than any other brand.

THIS is mine.

Aquasport Tue 01-Nov-16 12:17:23

Just went to use the Asos code and it has expired sad

Thanks for responses

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