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Perfect versatile lbd this year?

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keeponkeepinon Mon 31-Oct-16 10:30:32

I'm looking for a really versatile little black dress I can dress up with jewellery, clutch bag and leather jacket, but could also be dressed down for more casual days.
I ordered a beautiful lace overlay dress that looks fab with leather jacket but with it being so lacy I couldnt really dress down in it. Plus, as pretty as the fabric is I can't help thinking I'll end up catching it and pulling or ripping it on something. It's a careful wear dress.
I'm thinking that there must be something out there that's easier to care for and mix up looks but also pretty. Anyone else seen anything nice? Don't want to spend more than £50.
I would like it to be quite youthful so nothing too formal. The lace one I like is actually a skater shape which I wouldn't normally go for but it feels better than something very clingy.
Wouldn't mind little sleeves, hate the top of my arms at the mo.
Anything about?

keeponkeepinon Mon 31-Oct-16 13:27:59

oh, and can be work with black opaques. I just prefer to wear them and feel more cosy.

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