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Leather hi-top trainers that aren't Converse?

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Laquila Sun 30-Oct-16 22:10:54

My favourite-ever trainers for with skinnies or skirts are Superga, but their hi-top version is not very, um, hi. (To be fair, they do call them mid-tops..)

I've never found Converse very comfortable so am avoiding them but can't find anything sensibly-priced that looks fairly similar in tan or maybe grey leather. I'm not averse to buckles and I love the Ash Virgin/Kurt Geiger Lizzy but they're ridiculously expensive. Has anyone seen anything that might fit the bill?

Lululooselips Mon 31-Oct-16 00:23:59

Ugg Blaney?

There's a few different versions of it. Some have crystals, there's a perforated version and a just plain leather version

AppleMagic Mon 31-Oct-16 00:26:44

I've had Ash Virgins in grey leather (and a pair in beige) and they look great so ended up being good value per wear. The winter version (Virgos?) can often be found reduced so it's worth looking around.

FionaGatwick Mon 31-Oct-16 02:22:15

Steve Madden

Florathefern Mon 31-Oct-16 02:30:39

Check Lost Ink or Steve Madden on the HoF website.

I have Ash trainers and regret spending stupid money on them. I wear them three or four days a week but I'd have worn any ones i bought three or four times a week. They aren't anything special and there are plenty of the same styles around at more sensible prices.

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