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Oil Cleanser

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PollysPoppy Sat 29-Oct-16 22:37:38

Clearly I'm way behind the times but oil cleansers? I've seen them mentioned on MN a few times recently and thinking back, a BB assistant used one to remove makeup a couple of months back but where have they come from?! Advantages over cream cleaners or nip & Fab Glycolic Fox pads (which I'm using to cleanse just now). Any good for skin which is very prone to dryness during the winter months? And, finally, recommendations please!


mowglik Sun 30-Oct-16 09:30:02

I love DHC deep oil cleanser it's olive oil based, so very gentle, and unlike cream cleansers keeps my oily skin less oily. So I like to use it before heavy make up days as well as to take makeup off at night. Also doesn't aggravate dry patches of skin so sounds like it will be good for you

Loads of high street brands do them too I think L'Oréal has a few versions though I've not tried them

Floisme Sun 30-Oct-16 09:33:19

I wouldn't bother with a fancy brand. I just use almond oil from the supermarket: super gentle, gets everything off and unlike most cleansers, doesn't set my face on fire

gininteacupsandleavesonthelawn Sun 30-Oct-16 10:05:33

I use coconut oil. After year of expensive cleansers it's my favourite without question

FannyWincham Sun 30-Oct-16 10:12:16

You're wasting the n+f pads if you're using them to cleanse. They are a treatment but if you don't cleanse first then you are smearing dirt and oil across your face instead of allowing the active ingredients to work.

PawWavingCat Sun 30-Oct-16 10:15:38

Shu Umera oil cleanser is the bee's knees. Beautiful stuff, leaves my skin feeling and looking great.

ByeByeLilSebastian Sun 30-Oct-16 10:18:28

Another vote for dhc.

Wolpertinger Sun 30-Oct-16 11:29:17

Second not cleansing with n + f pads - they are supposed to be wiped over clean skin so the lovely active ingredients can reach your skin and exfoliate it.

If you are just using them as a cleanser it's a waste.

PollysPoppy Sun 30-Oct-16 12:00:03

Oops! Thank you .... I really need to revisit my whole cleanse-tone-moisturise routine.

Okay, so if I start with oil cleanser (will check out recommendations, thank you) then what? To moisturise I use either Laura Mercier Rose Oil or Lancôme night cream. Mornings are micellar water followed by Lancome Hydrazen moisturiser.

Anyone fancy helping me get a better routine going please?


SpunkyMummy Sun 30-Oct-16 12:24:19


Oil cleansing is awesome.

I personally do this:
1. Oil cleanse
2. Mild facial wash (double cleansing is great imo)
3. Toner
4. Eye cream
5. Serum (with hyaluronic acid)
(I have a fat-free nightnskincare routine)

In do the same in the morning, but I add a day cream, use a different serum anduse sunscreen. I also like the Elizabeth Arden serum with ceramides

mud masks, gentle (!!) peelings and moisturising masks are awesome. I use a calming booster for sensitive skin after peeling.

SpunkyMummy Sun 30-Oct-16 12:25:39

(And yes, my skin is very dry during the winter months, but if I don't take care of it it gets rough and pimply!!)

smugmumofboys Sun 30-Oct-16 12:28:55

I really like the Decleor Micellar Oil cleanser.

It's £££ but very gentle and moisturising.

SpunkyMummy Sun 30-Oct-16 12:34:14

Btw, OP.

You could also try organic sunflower oil if you're unsure if this is something you may want to try.

I started with sunflower oil, it was pretty great. I did end up buying and trying several oil cleanser, but TBH, they aren't much better than the sunflower oil. But they do smell nicer smile

ElspethFlashman Sun 30-Oct-16 12:37:39

I used the Mac Cleanse Off oil for years and it was amazing. Tbh only reason I no longer use it is because I've gotten too lazy.

But it's excellent, it really is.

MrsT2007 Sun 30-Oct-16 16:47:59

I'm a fan of the vitamin c one from superfacialist in Boots

Light, emulsifies well. Tried a couple of others but the oils were too heavy on my skin

PollysPoppy Sun 30-Oct-16 17:54:59

Having a quick read .... thanks for all the suggestions. This is, perhaps, a dumb question but how do you use it? A few pps have mentioned water but I naively assumed you applied it and removed makeup with cotton wool?

ElspethFlashman Sun 30-Oct-16 17:57:58

You massage it into dry skin and wash it off. It emulsifies on contact with water.

SpunkyMummy Sun 30-Oct-16 18:11:14

I do it like that:

1. Oil cleanser on dry face
2. Massage in, use pad to remove mascara etc.
3. If there's a lot of makeup (very unusual, but it happens sometimes) I apply a bit more oil cleanser after that
4. Warm water
5. Cleansing milk

mowglik Sun 30-Oct-16 18:23:24

pollys if you use straight oil or an oil blend then you will need to hot cloth cleanse it off, if it's an actually oil cleanser if will usually emulsify with water and you rinse it off

Elledouble Sun 30-Oct-16 18:28:36

There's a Clinique one called Take The Day Off that I really rate. It leaves my face feeling so clean but not dried out, and I much prefer rinse-off cleansers. I do double-cleanse, too.

SpunkyMummy Sun 30-Oct-16 18:46:24

mow isn't the hot cloth cleanse the best anyway? (But it takes more time, so...)

B1rdinthebush Sun 30-Oct-16 19:33:59

Hemp oil is amazing with a hot cloth. It's zero on the comedogenic scale so won't clog pores.

B1rdinthebush Sun 30-Oct-16 19:34:48

Hemp oil is amazing with a hot cloth. It's zero on the comedogenic scale so won't clog pores.

PollysPoppy Sun 30-Oct-16 19:38:11

Ah, I much prefer not having to wash it off - I always end up can't being bothered when it's a wash rather than cotton wool pad product. Hmm. Maybe a cream based cleanser would be best for me then?

mowglik Sun 30-Oct-16 19:53:11

spunky I hot cloth cleanse offmy DHC oil cleanser as well even though it's a rinse off cleanser as I feel like my skin gets cleaner.

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