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jeans for very slim preteen

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ChilliMum Sat 29-Oct-16 16:56:08

Really hoping one of the experts on here can help me. Dd is 10 nearly 11 and we are finding it impossible to find jeans to fit her.

If we get them to fit her legs (even with the maternity style elastic and buttons) they are big on her waste and sag around her hips and bottom.

If we get them to fit her waste they are half way up her legs.

So far she has been wearing them in a smaller size which has been fine for summer but she really needs full length for winter.

I have no idea where to look. We are not in the UK but have tried h&m, c&a a local department store and none fit.

I can order online from the UK but have no idea which stores do jeans for very slim children.

I would be really grateful for any advice smile or recommendations. We will be in the UK at Christmas and if I can find some I will stock up.

Strikingclockgrislyshock Sat 29-Oct-16 16:59:02

I have a similar string bean dd.

Have you tried Cyrillus? French make, very slender, sizing.

CurtainsforRonnie Sat 29-Oct-16 16:59:12

New Look, H&M & Topshop.

sleepyhead Sat 29-Oct-16 16:59:30

Have you tried boys skinny styles? H&M are good for my 10 ur old narrow hipped boy.

Strikingclockgrislyshock Sat 29-Oct-16 17:00:34

Boden and Gap also pretty good fit for my dd.

burnishedsilver Sat 29-Oct-16 17:02:21

I had the same problem with my tall slim boys. Hollister was the only place I could find long legs with narrow waists.

missjoanie Sat 29-Oct-16 17:07:13

Topshop Joni could work - their leg lengths go up to 36 and their waist sizes start small. Worth a look?

ChilliMum Sat 29-Oct-16 17:12:47

Thank you all for your responses.

Strikingclock I am in France so I will have a look at that brand. Boden tend to come out a bit big on me so I had discounted them but I will have another look.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

H&M used to be our goto shop for jeans but a growth spurt, up but not out, has rendered them too big now angry

I will try top shop, new look and gap when I am in the UK. Dd will enjoy a good shopping trip.

Burn I haven't heard of hollister but I will Google tonight.

ChilliMum Sat 29-Oct-16 17:15:04

Ooh sleepyhead I missed the bit about trying boys jeans that's genius grin. And it might work.

Jbck Sat 29-Oct-16 17:18:32

New look do longer length online. DD1 is 15 and is wearing an age 12 long.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 29-Oct-16 17:23:24

If I recall, Zara do very long leg lengths and probably do a size 4 or 6? my preteen (actually, turned 13 today, so teen) is average height but skinny and she likes h&m but can wear a size 6 in some shops if desperate

Brontebiscuits Sat 29-Oct-16 17:23:38

I have a skinny dd who's 11 - last year when she was 10 we got her some fantastic jeans from verbaudet- you can even get them in different width fittings- obviously we ordered slim! They have been great- have a look!

VinoEsmeralda Sat 29-Oct-16 17:24:50

S Oliver, Vingino and Zara work well for my very slim DD

Brontebiscuits Sat 29-Oct-16 17:24:59

We tried boys jeans tbh they were even worse than girls with the waist pulled in as tight as poss. Wrong shape even for my dad who is still straight up and down.

OddBoots Sat 29-Oct-16 17:27:30

Have you tried Primark womens size 6?

OddBoots Sat 29-Oct-16 17:28:36

Sorry, I have just seen you are not in the UK, I don't think Primark are online.

Ineverpromisedyouarosegarden Sat 29-Oct-16 17:32:47

Dd is the same we have New Look and Hollister xs. If she is tall enough you could try Size 6 adult we can just get away with that.

ChippyMinton Sat 29-Oct-16 17:37:33

Try New Look 915 which is the teen section. My skinny DD gets her jeans there.

ChippyMinton Sat 29-Oct-16 17:39:55

New Look do free standard worldwide delivery on orders over £55 smile

ChilliMum Sat 29-Oct-16 18:12:18

This is fantastic thank you all so much. Plenty to look at hopefully I can get dd sorted before it gets colder.

Fatcakes Sat 29-Oct-16 18:15:46

Primark's high waist super skinny. Size 6.
You can find them on eBay too, so no problem if you are not in the UK.

AuntieStella Sat 29-Oct-16 18:21:02

I have a skinny preteen and we got some which fit her really well from New Look

I think they were these:

FrustratedFrugal Sat 29-Oct-16 18:25:02

I have a very slim an tall (140cm+) DD that is almost 9. Her best fitting jeans are from a Swedish high street chain called Lindex (online for UK), Detroit something with ankle zips. The second great fitting alternative is Benetton children's thick corduroy leggings in L, they are also available in navy and black. In fact they are so great that I bought them for myself as well (in 3XL meant for teens who are 170 cm tall - I'm 5'8", fairly slim and have long legs) and they feel amazing. We are in Scandinavia, it is pretty cold here right now and they feel really warm and cosy.

SwedishEdith Sat 29-Oct-16 18:27:20

I know you've mentioned H&M but what about their jeggings? They still have the adjustable waist.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 29-Oct-16 18:28:14

Voici le link wink

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