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Does anyone moisturise their face daily?

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flowerpower668 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:02:15

I recently got a dry patch on my face and have just started moisturising daily.

Does anyone do this and is it recommended?

If so, what moisturising cream do you use?

Do you use a seperate eye cream?

Have you noticed a difference over a period of time?! (Softer skin, less wrinkles etc)

Thank you smile

PollyPerky Fri 28-Oct-16 22:08:04

How old are you?

I've used moisturiser daily for maybe 40+ years morning and night.

I thought most women did.

what have you been doing as your daily skin care routine?

BIWI Fri 28-Oct-16 22:08:09

I moisturise in the morning and the evening. In the evening I clean my face with Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion, then I use Boots Lift and Luminate Triple Action serum, and then finally moisturise with Boots Lift & Luminate night cream. In the morning, after my shower, I use the serum and then follow up with Lift and Luminate day cream.

BIWI Fri 28-Oct-16 22:09:00

It definitely makes a difference. I'm not far shy of 60 and although I do have wrinkles, they're not very deep and my skin looks soft rather than dry.

Lovelybangers Fri 28-Oct-16 22:10:10

I moisturise when I think I need it. Late 40s but with oily skin.

Am not a fan of 'stuff' on my face all the time.

AliciaMayEmory Fri 28-Oct-16 22:10:36

Every morning and evening. Have done since I was about 13 or 14. I use micellar water in the evening, and a facial wash in the mornings. Nothing fancy, I have pretty basic products but always have SPF in my day cream.

flowerpower668 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:10:54

I am 26

I am ashamed to say I have never regularly moistured my face blush

It is only recently when I noticed small lines on the top of my forehead (possibly from dry skin) I have become much more particular about moisturising my face daily. I am also ashamed to say I used to often go to bed with makeup still left on (back in the uni days)!

i have been extremely fortunate that I have never really had any major issues with my skin!

DEMum101 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:11:08

I have been misturisingmy face twice daily since I was in my.teens. I also thought everyone did. Mine feels dry and tight without it.

PollyPerky Fri 28-Oct-16 22:12:27

Time to make some changes then!

Cleanse and moisturise daily. You should also use a product with spf25+ every day under your make up to avoid sun damage / wrinkles.

PollyPerky Fri 28-Oct-16 22:13:02

How do you currently clean your face and remove your make up?

flowerpower668 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:13:21

BIWI your skin sounds great, I hope mine stays that way!

I am turning a new leaf and making sure I take better care of my skin

Does anyone use eye cream in addition to moisturising cream? Would you say this is necessary?

YesILikeItToo Fri 28-Oct-16 22:14:30

I use Aveeno, a dermatologist recommended it twenty years ago as a cure-all when I went to an appointment but the problem area wasn't apparent that day!

FourToTheFloor Fri 28-Oct-16 22:15:23

Only in the morning and I just use olay. Have done it for 15+ years. I'm close to 40 and most people are surprised at my age.

Of course they could just be acting polite hmmgrin

I also use a minimum of spf 15 in winter and 30 in summer every on my face.

flowerpower668 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:16:21

Pollyperky- makeup removers only! (Showering 5 out of 7 days, washing skin with water only)

I have now started moisturising every evening before bed. I received a sample L'occitane divine cream and fell in love with how my skin felt afterwards; however at £72 per bottle I realised that I needed a cheaper replacement!

flowerpower668 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:17:52

To everyone who stated they wear spf are you using actual sun cream or is this incorporated into your moisturising products?

On holiday when I wear sun cream, I often get spots! That would be my only concern sad

fakenamefornow Fri 28-Oct-16 22:19:12

I use moisturiser once a day, after I get out of the shower, it's the only 'beauty' thing I do do.

I'm very sceptical, it probably doesn't make any difference (apart from the sun screen). I expect it's like that thing, if you stop washing your hair, it goes though a greasy mess stage, then comes out the other side in much the same condition it was in with lots of expensive products, only now it's self cleaning. I quite like washing though, so will keep washing (even though it probably dries the skin) so will have to keep using moisturiser.

Mouthfulofquiz Fri 28-Oct-16 22:19:24

I've moisturised two or three times a day, and worn suncream daily for about 20 years (from 15) - it definitely is worth doing!

FrickOnAStick Fri 28-Oct-16 22:20:08

Yes I do. Twice a day.

Musicaltheatremum Fri 28-Oct-16 22:21:19

I rarely moisturise and rarely wear makeup. I'm 53 and have really good skin as does my mum (80)and also my grandma who died at 90 before her. I think genetics play a part.

clippityclop Fri 28-Oct-16 22:21:39

After using all sorts of cheaper creams for years and getting spots, congestion etc I had a consultation with Estee Lauder and have used day cream for combination skin with SPF 15 every morning, then Night Repair and the NR eye cream at night. It's quite expensive but the pots last for ages.

EmmarrrrgghhhMacGhhoooollll Fri 28-Oct-16 22:23:13

If your only 26 Divine cream is probably not neccessary but a sunscreen factor 15 - 30 depending on your colouring is essential. You'll notice the difference 20 years from now

LegoCaltrops Fri 28-Oct-16 22:24:18

Don't be ashamed of not moisturising... I purchased my first moisturiser at 32. Almost never wear sunscreen, just hats, and I have no wrinkles yet! (Am 35) grin

Doublejeopardy Fri 28-Oct-16 22:24:29

How soft is your water I lived I. Cheshire & Yorkshire until I was 25 moisturised rarely moved darn south and now have to do it twice a day (but am now considerably older) but do think soft water makes such a difference

PinkSwimGoggles Fri 28-Oct-16 22:25:18

yes, mornings and if I wear make up evenings after removing it.
any old cheap stuff, in summer something with spf.

PookieSnackenberger Fri 28-Oct-16 22:25:58

I do now but haven't always. I use Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream and it is worth every single penny.

I have always had oily skin, always removed make-up with lotion and cleansed with a non-drying rinse off cleanser. I sometimes use eye cream but only very light serum-type products. I usually run a thin film of moisturiser under my eyes but not near them IYSWIM.

I have fine lines around my eyes but that's about it and I'm nearly 50. Skin type, smoking, diet and sun exposure are probably more important when it comes to lines and wrinkles.

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