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Coloured jeans?

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dudsville Fri 28-Oct-16 21:17:33

I've mostly only seen younger women wearing these although my older-than-me boss looks great in some wine coloured trousers. I think they look great so I have bought some, a very dark purple and a kind of blue/teal. I'm struggling to wear them and might send them back, but they are so pretty. Do I just need time for my eyes to adjust to wearing something other than blue black or grey on my lower half or are some people just not able to pull off coloured jeans?

BikeRunSki Fri 28-Oct-16 21:24:49

I wear wine coloured chinos and I am probably older than you (I'm 46). Usually with a navy/white Breton, or grey jumper. Quite muted on top to avoid the "children's tv presenter" look,

I ordered some teal ones once, but sent them back because I couldn't work out what to wear with them apart from a white t shirt.

NowYouSeeMeNowYouDont Fri 28-Oct-16 21:24:55

If you like them and you think they look good, go for it! My DH's uncle in his 70's wears salmon pink jeans and looks strangely cool in them, whereas I'm sure other people would blink twice and not dare. So I don't think it's just about age.

eurochick Fri 28-Oct-16 21:25:42

Where did you find them? I keep seeing people wearing them but don't see them in the shops.

dudsville Sat 29-Oct-16 06:59:28

Thanks. I think I will Google outfit suggestions and try them this morning. I love that my inspiration for bravery is the old man in salmon trousers! EURO CHIC, these are NYDJ and I think they are called "clarissa" ankles. Got them for about £50 a pair.... so comfortable and flattering.

ChishandFips33 Sat 29-Oct-16 09:13:13

From experience when stepping out from your comfort zone you just need time to adjust. You'll end up buying other pieces that sit better with them and then they'll become the 'norm' smile
Wear them round the house too - sometimes it's about you 'owning' the style that makes the difference

SuperFlyHigh Sat 29-Oct-16 09:16:16

oasis used to do a really nice range called Cherry that did coloured jeans, i think i saw some plum/berry coloured jeans in their shops recently.

But yes where do you buy them?

Stokey Sat 29-Oct-16 09:20:38

Uniqlo tends to have jeans in every colour and reasonably priced. It would be a good place to start.

Ohtobeskiing Sat 29-Oct-16 09:20:39

I'm 49 and have some wine coloured jeans which I love. I usually wear white, grey or navy on top (quite often the ubiquitous Breton stripe!). They feel a bit smarter than blue jeans.

Queenbean Sat 29-Oct-16 09:25:11

I wear coloured jeans more than I wear black or blue

Topshop have some lovely stretchy ones in wine, red, teal colours which are easy to wear

I wear mine with white, black, denim, grey, navy tops mostly

GrumpySausage Sat 29-Oct-16 09:28:43

Peacocks have some lovely coloured jeans, comfy stretch to them too.

I'm currently wearing a deep purple pair. I tend to team then with a black t shirt or cardigan

ememem84 Sat 29-Oct-16 09:41:52

M&s do coloured jeans. Some super nice ones. I have dark green purple and a coral pair. £25.

Legogo Sat 29-Oct-16 09:43:54

I think coloured jeans can look great. Dorothy Perkins used to do their Eden style in a wide range of colours, and M&S have some too I believe.

dudsville Sat 29-Oct-16 18:30:31

I wore them! I cheated by wearing a long chunky cardigan as well to lessen the impact of COLOUR ON MY LEGS and I think it was ok. I felt a bit LOOK AT ME, OVER HERE, MEEEEEE!!!! But I do really like them and hope to get used to it so I can go back to feeling like a wallflower.

With the teal I found that navy looked smart, a little preppy, and black looked toned down, more casual. My cardi of choice was dark grey. Tomorrow will try the purple. I imagine that will be easier but I don't own much that's white so I can't opt for the easy tee shirt.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 29-Oct-16 18:39:08

I have a pair of wine colored skinnies and I wore them constantly a couple of years ago. I liked to pair them with grey, black velvet was also fab.

Lucked Sat 29-Oct-16 18:48:06

Teal is more difficult to coordinate, I have a pair of teal work trouser and they only go with cream or black tops.

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