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help me find this dress

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NotAMamaYet Fri 28-Oct-16 19:47:41

love this dress but can't find it anywhere -- nor can I even find the name. I know it's Ted Baker but that's it hmm

Please can any lovely MNer help a woman on a mission!!!

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Fri 28-Oct-16 19:51:14


NotAMamaYet Fri 28-Oct-16 21:21:14

oh goodness that was quick!!! Thanks so much!!!!

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Fri 28-Oct-16 22:34:02

Happy to help smile. Have you bought it?

NotAMamaYet Sat 29-Oct-16 00:18:09

Yes! Much to my bank accounts horror and sadness.

It's a wee bit summery but hope with the right accessories I can make it autumnal!

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