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Good protein/keratin FREE shampoo and conditioner......

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Indecisivejo Fri 28-Oct-16 19:02:01

For damaged coloured hair?? I'm fed up of every bloody shamp or cond for this hair type containing keratin!! I think this may make my hair worse and my scalp irritated sad

PookieSnackenberger Fri 28-Oct-16 22:02:34

I had my hair wrecked by a hairdresser in the summer and it has taken months to recover. The products that helped were;

Redken All Soft initially - I found the shampoo + conditioner too heavy in combination so I now use the shampoo + Matrix Smooth conditioner

The All Soft does have keratin but works well without irritation. I'm not sure about Matrix but it really leaves hair silky and conditioned.

There is an excellent Philip Kingsley mask called Elasticiser.

Lush also do an excellent shampoo bar for dry hair and do a cream conditioner which I don't think have keratin.

A new hairdresser helped recover my hair by using a semi-permanent glossing colour. That made an enormous difference to the condition.

Not really answering your question properly - more of a laundry list of what worked for me!

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