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Bra help needed

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Shrinkingviolets Fri 28-Oct-16 14:04:06

So I followed advice I saw on here a couple of years ago when searching for proper bra measuring as I knew my 32B at the time wasn't right and I went to a 28DD / 30D (when bra's I liked didn't come in 28) However I changed from the pill to the implant 6 weeks ago and my breasts have got smaller and none of my bra's fit.

I've redone the measurements as suggested and I'm coming up as 26.5 inches under my breasts and 31 inches around the fullest part.

Do I count up from the 26.5 so 28D or the difference between 28 and 31 so 28C? Assuming that nowhere goes to a 26?

I have since moved to another country where I can't find any shops which stock anything below a 32 (except 30A) so will be having to order online so want to try my best to get the right size.

My bra's at the moment are gaping enough to be noticeable and slide a finger easily around the inside of the top of my bra and some bra's I can see my nipples if I look down and am not wearing a tight top. And some bra's the middle wire is rubbing and making my skin very red by the end of the day.

Thanks I'm advance

You will need to try both unfortunately, there's not really an alternative. You're in the right range although you might want to try a dd too because of the half inch.

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