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Lipstick bleeding - solutions

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PollysPoppy Fri 28-Oct-16 10:47:10

This is a new one for me and not a good look. Is lip liner the only solution ... the solid line of lip liner with bare lips once lippy has worn off isn't a good look either!

Also would anyone care to recommend a nice lippy please. Bought a matter Bobbing Browne one recently but not that fussed - would like a lovely natural shade.

burnishedsilver Fri 28-Oct-16 11:16:29

Colour the whole of the lips with lip liner before putting the lipstick on.

PollysPoppy Fri 28-Oct-16 11:19:24

Really? Thank you ... wouldn't have thought of that. Looks like a lip liner is on my list too then.

Cakescakescakes Fri 28-Oct-16 11:20:08

Yes colour your whole lip first. Acts a bit like a primer then to hold the lipstick on better.

Housewife2010 Fri 28-Oct-16 12:12:15

You can also get clear lipliner which stops lipstick from bleeding. I have the body shop one.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 28-Oct-16 14:17:17

Apply lipliner. 'Feather' inwards with a lip brush. Apply lipstick over the top.

Looks much better if it happens to wear a bit in the middle of your lips. Personally I prefer doing it this way than using liner all over my lips.

PollysPoppy Fri 28-Oct-16 14:27:52

Great tips thank you!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 28-Oct-16 14:30:44

I use a clear lip liner.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 28-Oct-16 19:12:10

Bodyshop and Benefit do a clear lip liner

HappyAxolotl Fri 28-Oct-16 19:15:33

Clear lipliner or one the same colour as your lips, then you can wear it with every lipstick.

Lipcote is good as well.

purpleprincess24 Fri 28-Oct-16 19:16:55

I always use a lip liner helps a lot.

I also discovered recently Urban Decay lipstick primer pencil, you literally put it in just before you lipstick and it really does make it last all day

Gbean Fri 28-Oct-16 19:17:35

Lip liner terribly drying. I'd recommend Maybelline 24 hour. It stays put, doesn't bleed and you can keep moisturised with a slick of the balm every couple of hours.

PollysPoppy Fri 28-Oct-16 20:32:50

Thanks all. I tried Charlotte Tilbury where the assistant applied lip liner to my entire lip then topped with lipstick. It felt dry but very sticky and tacky. It did last a meal and didn't bleed. Ended up with lip liner and lipstick from Nars - happy with it but will keep the liner as light as I can.

Cakescakescakes Fri 28-Oct-16 20:56:58

The urban decay liners are great

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