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Best shops for shoes for 10 yr old DD (size 4) - HELP!

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walkingtheplank Thu 27-Oct-16 16:52:31

Trying to find a pair of shoes for DD. We don't want boots or trainers, or anything black or pink.

We have been to a lot of shops and each time we shop for her (over many years), hers is the out of stock size. Last time we bought a pair for her, we had to go to 17 shops and ended up with a very low quality trainer as that was the only one that would fit. This time we have been to Clarks, Next, Local Independent, Deichman, Sole Trader, M&S, Tesco and we're just sending back some to Boden as 36 is too small and 37, even with an insole, is too big.

So, where do you buy your daughters' shoes - and if online, are there any with free delivery/returns as at this rate I could end up spending the equivalent of several pair of shoes just on the postage.

Many thanks in advance.

phoenix1973 Thu 27-Oct-16 16:59:13

DD is 10 and size 4.
I've tried eBay, amazon, all the high street, brantano without success.
Even shoe zone (who I've used before out of desperation, but the shoes are shit). Her size is always out of stock!
Have returned many online shoes and returned home empty handed after shopping trips.
I used Asda last week for her school shoes, trainers, party shoes. Seem fine to us! The school shoes had to be ordered online for collection in store...
I used eBay for some purple suede fuggs brand new, Costco a bargain at £12 plus free delivery.

samecardoverandover Thu 27-Oct-16 18:08:08

We seem to do quite well at Surfdome for various things for DD atm (nearly 10), returns were free when I last ordered.

walkingtheplank Thu 27-Oct-16 22:27:39

Thank you both. Have just booked more online. Let's hope some of them fit.

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