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Wardrobe overhaul - where to start?

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OhDeareyMe Thu 27-Oct-16 11:42:39

I'd really appreciate some advice if anyone has any time to share their thoughts. I am desperate to overhaul my image and boost my self esteem a bit. I do not really like shopping. I live very rurally with little access to shops so tend to shop online. I have 5 small children and a full time job and the result is that my wardrobe is a shambles. I have made good progress with make up and hair but my clothes make me feel dowdy.

But I literally don't know where to start to improve things. I have one good, stylish (I think so anyway, I could be wrong) work outfit for meetings (black petite next dress teamed with a jacket, colourful scarf and smart heels) but the rest of the time I look like a student. I live in skinny jeans and shapeless tops.

I have a bit of money to spend if i need to (few hundred) and I do occasionally buy a nice top if I'm ever near shops, but it makes little impact day to day as my overall wardrobe is so dire.

Any ideas for a good place to start? A decent online shop I could get a few bits and actually start to feel a bit better about myself would be ideal. I'm about a stone overweight, wear a petite size 12 and I'm quite short and curvy.

Thank you.

Underparmummy Thu 27-Oct-16 11:53:48

Its so hard post kids to find time or remember who you are!

Sounds like you might prefer plainer clothes and jazzier accessories from the outfit you describe?

You need some good well fitting, hard wearing basics first and then the 'fun' pieces can be layered on that.

So I'd say for winter you need:

Black trousers
black pencil skirt
non work skirt
non work dress
flat boots
heeled boots

You have LBD and jacket

Then you need some jumpers/long sleeved tops and some more accessories like your scarf.

I tend to shop on ASOS a lot and do dip into Boden a bit for some things. I also shop mainly online. Zara can be helpful too and M and S is awesome currently.

Good luck!

Dulcimena Thu 27-Oct-16 12:22:54

My advice would to be to first work out what sort of "look" you're going for, then look at pictures of real people (blogs and pinterest are great) to get an idea of what you really love, and look for common themes. It could be that adding one relatively small element (eg new scarf, boots, etc) will add a whole new lease of life to what you already have. I'd find a total overhaul a bit overwhelming tbh but little changes can really help steer you in the direction you want. More a refocus than a complete redirection.

The key thing for me is looking "intentional". This doesn't necessarily mean smart/fitted/structured, but I hope that it comes across that I've considered the cut, fabric, etc of what I'm wearing. (I'm practicing now to become one of those fabulously stylish women you see in galleries wearing culottes and sharp grey bobs. I don't see many women in their 40s with such a pronounced sense of style so maybe it's a confidence we grow into?).

Anyway, asos is great for ordering loads of different styles to try out at home, quick delivery and free returns.

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