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Bra Intervention - seeking the holy grail

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GhettoFabulous Wed 26-Oct-16 20:46:31

I'm not sure if such a bra exists as I've tried and rejected everything that Bravissimo and HoF has to offer.

My breasts take up the whole of my chest and are slightly east/west out to the sides. Very close together in the middle, lots of tissue at the top, gravity has slightly taken a toll but fairly pert.

I want a bra that lifts them up, push them together and gives a lot of oomph.

I cannot wear a balconette as the fabric cuts across the full upper part. I've tried side slings but they were too high in the middle. Full cups have an empty bit in the upper middle of my bust. A plunge bra tends to work well but I find most of them come far too high up under the armpit and cause me pain (I have menopausal tenderness). Or they don't come in my size, 30gg. ie I tried an ultimo plunge and the cup was great in a 32 g but I could pull the back out miles and they only go up to a g. The Bravissimo Satine is soft under the armpit but flattens them out a bit.

When I go bra shopping I always end up with a massive pile of bras beside me, some of which are nearly right but I'm not paying £30 a time for nearly. Or in some horrible garish colour.

I just want something in black and nude that I can wear at any time and all day.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like you need to go Polish. Try kris line from bra stop first simply because they're available in the UK. If that doesn't work you might like Ewa michalak, their s cut is a plunge balconette with cups which are open at the top, narrow wired and close set. The PL is even lower cut but gives me what can only be described as buttcrack cleavage. The sm cut is an unpadded s and lovely.

GhettoFabulous Thu 27-Oct-16 16:04:01

Thanks for that. What's the sizing like on the Kris line?

It's been a while since I've tried but they were small in both band and cup. Bristol do free returns I think so I'd suggest ordering a few sizes to try.

GhettoFabulous Thu 27-Oct-16 19:40:11

I had a look at Brastop and they look promising. Thanks for your help.

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