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taybert Wed 26-Oct-16 07:55:08

I ordered a couple of things from COS and wanted to return one, stuck the pre paid label on the package and took it to the post office. The assistant told me that it couldn't be processed as it didn't have a barcode and that I would have to pay to get a proof of postage. Much huffing and puffing from me about it supposedly being free returns but I paid the fiver to get the return back....

I was about to complain and was looking at the returns procedure and realised I should have printed a uk returns label (complete with barcode) and that my package was winging its way to The Netherlands, not the UK returns depot.

Anyway, I emailed them to tell them of my mistake, hoping the parcel could be tracked at the other end. They told me the post office should have been able to send the package, that either label could be used and apologised that I had paid. Apparently everything ends up at the same depot anyway so it didn't matter. They refunded me my postage and I've just seen the return has been refunded too.

I thought they were pretty good. It wasn't their fault I'd had to pay and they refunded without hassle and quickly. I'd heard a couple of things on here about returns to COS being a pain so I thought I'd feed back a positive experience.

acurtis1234 Wed 26-Oct-16 09:02:36

I find their in store customer service fantastic too. They hold things for a reasonable amount of time, have no problem going to the stock room (so may shop assistants seem to really begrudge making this effort), happy to look for things if you ring up to check something is there before visiting, and refunds made without issue. I recently took a load of stuff into the changing room and asked them a few times to look for different sizes, on a Saturday afternoon, and the assistant was so polite and helpful, even though she was juggling loads of jobs and was really busy.

Also I had a jersey top which developed a hole in the seam, after a few wears and washes, but still quicker than I would expect, and they exchanged it without a quibble.

Dulcimena Wed 26-Oct-16 09:07:09

Good to know that they refunded the postage you paid without quibbling. I've found them good too - although they can be slow to process and refund. The main problem with their returns seems to be that UK Post Office staff struggle with the labels confused

taybert Wed 26-Oct-16 10:04:04

Yeah, I didn't even ask for the postage, they just offered to refund. Think I'll print the other label next time!

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