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Softshell parkas

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Rojak Tue 25-Oct-16 20:22:28


I'm looking for a 3/4 length softshell parka - preferably one that's got a fleecy lining.

I think Ilse Jacobsen has something like this.

Does anyone know if this would be warm enough for winter or would this be more Spring / Autumn.


Rojak Wed 26-Oct-16 17:33:06

Does no one have one of these? smile

SapphireStrange Wed 26-Oct-16 17:39:28

I don't have one but Ilse Jacobsen are Danish, so I'd assume their winter coats are serious winter coats!

I have one of their lighter-weight showerproof coats and highly recommend them for quality and style.

Email customer services and explain what you're after? I emailed them for advice about mine and they were very helpful.

Trespass are also good. I have a more winter-weight coat from them that I found in TK Maxx. Very warm and stylish; quite similar to IJ in style (I think they're Danish too).

Rojak Wed 26-Oct-16 17:53:55

Oooh is your Trespass one softshell too?

I'm after something a bit less ££ than IJ and also not as thick as my North Face Arctic Parka.

A bit sleeker but still warm iyswim

Maudlinmaud Wed 26-Oct-16 17:57:40

I have one in beige, it has a nice soft lining.
I don't use mine in winter though; spring through to autumn but I'm in a cold part of the world. I got mine on amazon.

SapphireStrange Wed 26-Oct-16 18:31:26

Yes, I think they do a range of softshell ones.

Check TK Maxx; and Trespass themselves have good sales, as do some outdoor websites and stores. It's worth getting on the mailing lists for them.

BikeRunSki Wed 26-Oct-16 18:36:52

My friend had a IJ soft shell parka. It's not thick enough for a winter coat (otherwise I'd have one).

Rojak Wed 26-Oct-16 19:39:59

Thanks - looks like I'm better off looking for something else for winter then but I do love the look smile

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