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Cold weather workwear, or, how to wear socks and still look professional

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appalachianwalzing Tue 25-Oct-16 17:03:13

I am trying to give my wardrobe a bit of an overhaul: I work in a smart casual environment but increasingly am going to meetings etc where I need to be a bit smarter.

I've also recently moved so I get to walk to work.

I'm finding it almost impossible to get the balance right between looking smart and being able to walk now it's got colder. I'm currently wearing 7/8ths trousers with socks and ankle boots and a ridiculous gap when I sit down (there's nobody in the office today). I can wear knee high boots and opaque tights and a dress/skirt, but how do I manage trousers? When I search Pinterest for winter workwear I get picture after picture of women in brogues or heels with no bloody socks and hemlines that would look ridiculous with socks. So what do you wear?where do you shop? Pop socks and trainer socks not an option, it's too cold and wet here for that.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 25-Oct-16 17:10:39

I'm in a cold place (it snowed a bit this morning) and I walk to work. I wear trainers during the commute and then switch. I tend to wear snug-fitting suede chelsea boots with black or grey opaques and a skirt. Precisely hemmed black or charcoal grey trousers will work too, and I wear thick black merino hiking socks for warmth. The sliver of naked flesh peeking is great if you live in LA but not feasible in these latitudes wink

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