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Ankle boots - a/w 2016 - confused, too many styles

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RonSwansonsBestFriend Tue 25-Oct-16 09:34:29

What one earth is the 'current' style of ankle boots?

I need a pair that is fairly flat fo everyday wear.

Pointed, rounded, buckles????

I have no clue, everywhere I look there are 99 differently styles. I know you should buy what you like but I'd like to be a bit fashion forward so clearly am not trendy if I've had to post this thread grin

botemp Tue 25-Oct-16 09:50:00

Broadly, pointy, OTK, snakeskin but you kind of have to have the wardrobe to match, as in it needs to fit in with it, not an assumption that your current wardrobe isn't 'trendy' enough for them.

The flat pointy ones look good with certain pants (slightly cropped slim fit) but odd with others, if you have slim legs there aren't many issues to wearing them with opaques but shaplier legs may struggle. The snakeskin can be fun but the rest of the outfit shouldn't be too busy, etc. OTK look somewhat dated (but by no means is it a crime against fashion and the sky will cave in) when worn over pants (though far far far warmer) and the 'trend' is to allow you to go bare legged with a mini and long cardigan.

A bit western (especially in the snakeskin/python look) should also be fine though on its way out, and a bit on the horizon are stretch (leather) ankle boots that fit very tightly on the ankles and finish slightly higher on the leg. Example here. A bit Timberland inspired from the early noughties seems to be on the up too I hated it then, hate it now. Regardless it should be about what you like and how they'll work for you. Nothing wrong with the classics either. Can't really go wrong provided you like them and it suits your wardrobe.

There's also a lot of velvet around which is a bit of a temporary ubiquitous trend but I'd avoid as it just isn't all that practical.

RonSwansonsBestFriend Tue 25-Oct-16 10:36:24

Well Botemp, I like you (bangs gavel), you know your stuff.

I kinda feel better as well as your guidance was mostly my thinking too.

I will steer clear of velvet, not durable enough. I am not keen on snakeskin and western is not my thing, either.

I have a beautiful pair of £££ OTK boots but they're about 5 years old and more of a 'Puss in Boots' is a bit slouchy, but not folded over.

What a want is a Chelsea boot, is that passé? I have a pair but the elastic has puckered on one boot.

Yy to the Timberland thing. I had a pair of Cats back in the day and a pair of lace-up, feminine pair with a worker sole a la' N-Trance......

I also have an ankle boot with

RonSwansonsBestFriend Tue 25-Oct-16 10:40:39

Oops, I also have a pair of block-heeled ankle boots in grey, a pair similar to the Zara ones you linked but they're more y weekend/going out style.

I have a pair of simple short, pixie-style ankle boots with a side zip and a pair of chunkyish ones with gold buckles, that sit higher - neither are leather so I don't feel good in them.

I have a simple wardrobe, that is classic and trendyish. Think skinnies, sloppy sweaters, bombers.

Can you suggest boots for me? High street budget, Zara is my go-to.

acurtis1234 Tue 25-Oct-16 11:40:45

In addition to Botemps suggestions, I think block heels, kind of sixties style ankle boots are the way to go this A/W. Similar to the Zara ones Botemp linked to with a lower heel. Gucci based trend basically. This style but not in the patterned velvet

I'm eyeing up these Whistles ones but more ££, that heel height is super comfy:

Office have lots, and when I clicked on to look for ideas just now, it seems they have 20% off.

botemp Tue 25-Oct-16 12:10:44

Hmm as quick as the Gucci love surged it seems to slowly be ebbing away now, though the influence is still there I do think it's the tail end of it. Seems to be all about Vetements and Jacquemus in terms of what's filtering into the high street these days. There's definitely some 70's Gucci loafer inspiration and the brightly printed floral platforms around but I see very little people embracing those particular trends.

If you like Zara I'd suggest looking at Uterque (I believe online only in the UK for now) it's also part of the Zara group but at a price point similar to COS (don't know if this would still be your budget then though) with a slightly older customer in mind (25-30+) and they seem to have all the trends covered. A few possibilities:

Pointy (but not too extreme) Burgundy Chelsea-like boot with the elastic with low-ish heel

Some fringe action which would work with an otherwise understated wardrobe

An understated take on Chelsea boots, should be pretty versatile

Lovely looking leather with a bit of embellishment if it takes your fancy but rather pricey

These from COS look like a very nice pair of classic Chelsea Boots that would easily dress up or down

I do like the look of &Other Stories boots but personally (high arched feet) don't find them all that comfortable to wear.

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