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Recommendations other then Avene/La Roche Posey?

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mellowingmm Mon 24-Oct-16 11:38:59


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for Rosacea (Type 2 with redness/pimples) & combination skin please?

I tried the Avene/La Roche Posey but found Avene too drying & La Roche Posey gave me whiteheads/spots. Sadly not for me.

Thank u!

botemp Mon 24-Oct-16 12:42:26

Have you tried Paula's Choice? They have a few ranges (Calm I think) that would be suitable as would one of the gentler BHA's they sell that would tackle both the rosacea inflammation and the pimples. You can purchase samples first on their UK website.

SVR Sensifine is also extremely gentle with minimal INCI, but it's sort of dependant what aggravates it. Both SVR & PC are fragrance free but PC tends to use a lot of silicones for example.

Dermalogica is also worth looking at, Ultra Calming Range I think.

Pai is also gentle but on the opposite end with a more 'natural' approach which doesn't suit everyone. What else have you tried in terms of brands? I know Clinique gets recommended a lot but it tends to be v. harsh and aggressive.

Full disclosure, I don't have rosacea but skirt very close around it, was briefly combo but never full on pimplefest.

plimsolls Mon 24-Oct-16 12:45:44

I've not got experience but thought this article might've useful

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