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To epilate or not to epilate?

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MollyHopps Mon 24-Oct-16 08:01:55

Any recommendations for a really decent epilator?

I am looking for an alternative to waxing as I seem to react badly to all waxes. Plus its a ball ache unless I pay for someone else to do it.

So whats the best and what should I avoid in a good epilator?

Sovain Mon 24-Oct-16 08:10:32

I have one - it's a Braun Silk Epil which I have had for about 7 years or so.

It's okay.

Hurts though! grin

I do find that the hairs seem to come back relatively quickly - but hair does grow in differing stages so could be the next 'batch'? In summer I will do my legs once a week which keeps them looking okay. Feel a bit bumpy and not as smooth as after a fresh wax but acceptable.

Bikini line and armpits HURT. Unless you are very brave don't even attempt it.

I do my armpits but have had laser so am just grabbing a few sparse hairs. Can still graze the skin though and make amess.

MollyHopps Fri 28-Oct-16 09:04:22

Thank you Sovian thats very helpful smile

I recall a friend who would epilate her delicate areas and managed to snag something down below shock so I think I will avoid. Like you I am going to opt for laser treatment instead grin

AgeingArtemis Fri 28-Oct-16 10:59:53

Never shave my legs but I epilate them on occasion. If you want smooth legs you'll have to do it every couple of weeks. I do it about every 4 weeks in warmer months and once in a while over the winter to prevent them becoming totally chewbacca.

It does hurt a bit and makes me wince but it's not terrible

FrickOnAStick Fri 28-Oct-16 11:12:24

I find epilation really painful. I shave and use an at home IPL system (the Phillips one). That stings a bit on bikini line (like hot elastic band being flicked on the skin) but is much more bearable than epilation for me. If you stick to the routine - every 2 weeks for about 8 weeks (I think I did it for about 10) and then you only need to 'top up' every few months.

I found t really slowed my hair growth down. I'm not hairless now but I do find I only shave every four or five days now rather than every day. It made a massive difference to me. You do have to have the right skin/hair colour though. It works best with high contrast - pale skin/dark hair, so the fairer haired you are or the darker skinned, the less likely to you are to get results.

Lexilooo Fri 28-Oct-16 11:14:36

I use an epilator and have recently bought a braun silk epil 9 as an upgrade to my very elderly phillips sentinelle. I have waxed in the past too but find it more convenient to epilate, though it isn't as quick as shaving it lasts longer and makes less of a mess.

I would recommend it for your legs, and if you are used to waxing you probably won't find it too painful. I do my underarms too but that is uncomfortable, I also do my top lip, which smarts. I would do bikini line too but not a high cut, just a tidy, you wouldn't want to get too intimate with it!

Word of advice, don't let your hair get too long, it works best and is less painful on stubble so if you might need to shave or trim first if you haven't waxed for a while.

I do find mine have saved me more than they have cost in the price of waxing and it is great not to have to try to schedule in a wax before swimming/holiday/night out etc

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