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Stylish and warm walking coat / jacket - Barbour

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Stonebees Sun 23-Oct-16 15:10:01

My beloved SOS Jensen waterproof has finally reached a stage where even I can't persuade myself it looks good any more.

I want something that works for a weekend away, so for both walking and pottering round town. Warm and dry enough that I can do a long day's walking on the coast, smart enough that I can go to the pub at the end of the walk without looking too much like something the cat's dragged in.

I'm thinking about a Barbour jacket, and spend a morning trying some on. I'm petite and I was surprised at how well they fitted.

These were the type of thing I was originally looking for:

However, I did wonder about getting this one and just using it as my standard winter coat (unless I particularly need to pull out my smart wool coat):
But then if you've got a massive hood on your coat, can you wear it with a separate hat, or does this look ridiculous?

Do any of the style and beauty gurus have some inspiration on this? Ones to avoid? Ones to go for?

MrsT2007 Sun 23-Oct-16 15:24:47

I have a Jack Murphy waxed coat (Irish make like Barbour!) it has a detachable hood so I can do either way, depending on the weather.

acurtis1234 Sun 23-Oct-16 17:03:11

I have the Kelsall. I sized up, I'm a small UK10 but bought a 12 so I could layer more under it, plus I just think these kind of parka styles look better a little slouchy. Even the model in your pic looks like she's wearing a size too small, look where the sleeves are on her wrists! I'm very pleased with it, but it's only water resistant not waterproof and I wouldn't like to test it's wind protection on properly windy days. For me it's an Autumn coat, not for winter. I do like that it has lots of pockets, the hood is adjustable to be made bigger, and the fur is removable. It's very good quality and I am expecting it to last for years.

The Katana one looks the smartest because of the belt, but the black fur looks cheap. Maybe not IRL though.

Chickpearocker Sun 23-Oct-16 17:10:20

I find my Barbour too light, depends where you live, how about a Schoffel Mayfair coat, they are very warm smile

Stonebees Sun 23-Oct-16 18:37:51

Hmmm - I'm concerned if it's not actually waterproof. The SOS Jenson one isn't particularly warm (I have one a size up and put multi layers under it) but it is absolutely solidly waterproof.

I might go back, try them on again, and then try ordering online so that I can actually feel what it's like if I stand outside. Trying on in a big shopping mall didn't really cut it.

I agree that the black fur looks terrible on the picture, but I thought it looked good in real life.

Bennjerrys Sun 23-Oct-16 20:17:28

I have the Kensal too and even though I'm really petite (short) I sized up too. I find it really warm and it's my main winter coat (except for times I need to bring on the smart wool one). The hood is detachable but it's great for the school run etc. I've found it waterproof- but haven't worn it in a long outdoorsy walk (still have toddlers!)

acurtis1234 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:26:56

On the Barbour website, you can search by waterproof if you still fancy this brand.

I am alone in recommending them on these threads, as everyone seems set on recommending Didrikson or Seasalt or the like, but I really rate Aigle. Again, search for the waterproof ones but they are excellent, and are good for streetwear and not looking like you've just climbed a mountain. UK stockists are few but ordering from their French site is not a problem although the postage is hefty. I also have a properly waterproof jacket from Timberland which again can cross into wearing in town as well as proper walking.

It appears I have a lot of coats (this isn't the half of it!) just a couple of brands you may not have considered though.

acurtis1234 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:34:36

Bennjerrys I havent had a problem in the rain with the Kelsall either but regardless, its not sold as guaranteed waterproof, which is an actual technical feature. This jacket is just water resistent due to the waxing but the seams aren't bonded and in a deluge you'd be soaked. I have (not so) fond memories of a day trip to Berlin where it rained constantly and i had only brought a lightweight anorak with me. I spent all day dreaming of all my waterproofs I could visualise hanging at home!!

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